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Backstage News on Ricardo Rodriguez, Booker’s WWE HOF Video, Rey

– Here is WWE’s 2013 Hall of Fame video for Booker T:

– Rey Mysterio posted the following on Twitter yesterday:

“About to start Physical Therapy! I’m on a mission!”

Rey Mysterio Physical Therapy

– Some people within WWE believe that because Alberto Del Rio is a babyface, he no longer needs Ricardo Rodriguez at his side. Ricardo is expected to be off TV for a week or so following the attack from Jack Swagger on RAW last night.

Partial source:

  • Johhny

    still wish harlem heat would go in as a team…or have one more match NAO vs Harlem Heat would be bad asz

  • Prettyfndangerous

    Getting rid of Ricardo would be a shitty move on WWE’s part. Too many people have grown to like him. Especially since they’ve been giving him more personality lately. And he’s been absolutely hilarious with ADR while making fun of Swagger and Zeb.

  • king god hades

    ricardo rodriguez is the main reason del rio is over as a face without him hes nothing ricardo is needed in order for him to do well

  • Scooter

    Ricardo is a huge part of Del Rios appeal right now. Face managers are uncommon nowadays but Ricardo is one of the best.