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Backstage News on Rock vs. Brock, Speculation on a WrestleMania 3-Way

– It’s always possible that WWE could put CM Punk into the John Cena vs. The Rock WWE Title match at WrestleMania 29 but nobody within WWE has seriously suggested that and word is that the best bet remains on the Cena-Rock II singles match taking place.

– The Rock vs. Brock Lesnar is already being heavily discussed for either this year’s SummerSlam pay-per-view or WrestleMania 30 in 2014. The main reason it didn’t happen this year is because officials wanted The Rock in a WWE Title storyline. With Lesnar’s schedule and everything else, WWE felt it would not have made much sense.


  • adam

    Actually im not a cena fan. I used to be a rock fan but how he got the title shot was bs. He was great in the attitude era but he doesn’t deserve to just walk back in the wwe oh I get a title match even though im not a regular competitor. But since he’s a movie star he gets it. Im a cm punk fan what should be main event of wrestling ppvs is the best WRESTLERS not rock


    I Dnt knw its all about how they want to be portrayed right now with Linda out of the running for anything political anything can happen. But with taker hitting 50 he’s got that hbk mindset hey almost 50 u really want me as champ? Vince wouldn’t do it.. I say old Ziggy cashes in during the championship match before Its over

  • Dan

    But when Bryan cashed in the year after Big Show hadn’t even stood up, same when Del Rio cashed in on Punk. If anything it used to be that the Champion had to be on his feet before you could cash in (both of Edge’s cash ins, Punk’s, Swagger’s, Miz’s, Kane’s”) but apart from Cena announcing his match earlier, the recent MITB cash ins have been on champions unable to defend themselves.


    Yeah ur forgetting in the new WWE u have to actually be able to stand up and defend yourself when u cash in money in the bank. It’s not like when mitb first got on the scene and edge just came down and speared cena for the win. Mitb use to be like the old 24/7 hardcore championship. Anytime anyplace anywhere. Rember when miz cashed in on randy orton. Orton had to be able to wrestle and miz almost lost.

  • Dan

    If Ziggler cashed in on him and won Taker would have his first loss at Mania so how would the streak still be intact? At WM27 Taker couldn’t even walk to the back despite winning, they could quite easily having him go through another match like that, have either the defeated champion or Big E Langston or even the Shield (claim that its injustice the Streak is bigger than any title) weaken him further and then Ziggler cash in. The second match really doesn’t need to be demanding on Taker.


    John cena fan above me. Who would they put in the main event over the biggest star/money maker ever to come out of the WWE since its existence. Yes i am a rock fan but what I just told you were facts.


    If undertaker won the title at mania how could ziggler end the streak undertaker already won. As bad as they say the undertaker is feeling u think he’s going to wrestle 2 matches? Because undertaker definitely won’t just lay down

  • Scooter

    Okay my issue with the part time guys facing each other is this. It doesn’t help in the long run. Yes it will draw but I think thats a very short term way of looking at things. Whilst say Ryback vs Lesnar wouldn’t be big a match I think the idea of two giants (who are both pretty good workers for their size) tearing it up would be a match people would pay to see and it means Ryback looks like a star for even being in the ring with Brock thus helping out more long term as a talents being built up and WWE still get a match that fans will tune int o see.

  • Dan

    Also I don’t really see the logic in putting Punk in the title match, the whole idea is that Cena needs to beat the Rock to make up for his loss last year. Adding Punk in there just gives someone else to take the pin or weaken Rock for Cena. The current face of the company needs to have a clean victory one on one with the old face of the company.

  • Sean Kaboni

    excuse me!! when does wwe make sense??

  • D2K

    Rock/Cena/Punk for WWE title makes the most sense. Maybe HHH w/ HBK in corner versus Brock Lesnar in a No Holds Barred match. Save Brock/Rock II for WM30 and Brock/Taker is not possible.


    Have Lesnar cost the Rock the title at EC to set up Brock/Rock II at WM29.

  • Dan

    Taker is already 20-0, so whether its this year or next year it won’t be reaching a particular milestone. While I don’t particularly want the streak to end, I think it would have been interesting if Taker somehow challenged for the WHC at Mania, won to make it 21-0 but then Ziggler cashes in winning the title AND ending the streak.

  • adam

    Stop putting rock in the main events

  • d_pooch

    Let Undertaker retire at WM30 with 20-0 streak.

    Rock v Cena v Punk makes a lot of sense to me, given Taker’s status. I think that would be more interesting anyway.

  • i want brock vs undertaker in wm 29 so it make undertaker last matchn and get damn retired

  • I would rather see Brock v Rock II over Rock Cena II any day adding CM Punk to the match would add nothing at all to the match besides using Punk as a punch bag for both Cena and Rock, I would rather see Punk v Bryan at mania at least then we would have one match to look forward to at mania this year