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Backstage News on The Rock vs. John Cena, Latest on a WWE Diva Tryout

– 411Mania’s Greg De Marco reports that independent women’s wrestler Buggy Nova received another tryout match against AJ Lee at this month’s WWE SmackDown tapings in Fresno, California.

Earlier this year at the RAW in Anaheim, WWE officials had Nova do promo work and brought her back at the SmackDown tapings the next night, where she completed a physical, did a photo shoot and wrestled AJ Lee. She also took part in a WWE/Kmart commercial with Sheamus and Lizzy Valentine.

– The verbal battle between The Rock and John Cena on Monday’s RAW Supershow from Portland was designed for Cena to get the upper-hand this time around. This was achieved by having Cena point out that Rock had notes for his promo written on his wrist. Some in WWE claim that Cena pointing this out was unscripted.

WWE officials are determined to get a 50/50 reaction for both men at WrestleMania 28 in Miami.

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  • Chris

    I hope the wwe doesn’t let the Rock get beat by cena, cus then what was the point of him returning?

  • The Great One

    It honestly doesnt matter where they go or what they do. Rock will still get more cheers than Cena.

    They could have Wrestlemania in John Cena back yard and I’d bet Cenas wife would chant Rocky/Cena Sucks

  • BanjoMinnow

    The script was to make Cena look better and The Rock look lost courtesy of VkM or HHH? Sooo if Cena wins w/his non-selling moves”I say We Riot” … If Taker loses to HHH and The Rock gets dominated by the 5knuckle shuffle at WM28 the worlds DEFINITELY gonna end …..WWE will have an increase of fans turning the channel and watching other programs I guaran-damn-tee

  • robert

    sorry try 90/10 for the rock, its in his hometown

  • Bruno

    Only hearing it from vince McMahon mouth will make me believe that the whole thing was scripted. Cena won fair and square

  • xXx

    really hope we hear rocky more than lets go cena/cena sucks..

  • Monty

    The writing on Rocks wrist says “Kick Cena’s candy ass”

  • Philzibit

    Wasn’t Cena getting boo’d when facing the Miz last year? They’re trying to recreate Hogan/Rock, but unlike Hogan/Rock, Hogan was a heel before Wrestlemania 18, Rock is a god nowadays, doesn’t matter what they do, it’s not going to change that.

    Should be good though.

  • Devil_Rising

    They’re not going to GET a 50/50 reaction at WM28, no matter what they do. It’s in Miami, and most fans ARE legitimately sick of Cena. Look at the reaction Rocky gets vs. Cena. Anytime, anywhere, he ALWAYS gets a massive reaction. Cena, no matter what, these days gets about 50/50 cheers and boos.

    Come WM, Rock is going to get cheered, Cena will (mostly) get booed. That’s just how it’s going to be. And I say good riddance.

  • Bill

    Rock gets a positive reaction since he does all the catchphrase comedy we love. Even though Cena actually addressed the Rock & even got him on the promo notes, Rock got cheers because of the comedic chants he made. If Rock didn’t do that stuff & give the fans what they want, then he might get a 50/50 reaction.

  • BestInTheWorld

    It’s going to be like the Punk/Cena crowd in Chicago, except worse.

  • angel z

    cena is going to win that match.

  • Derek

    It’s all just to try and replicate the Hogan/Rock crowd reaction which will never work. They should just let and ride and see what happens. The crowd will be with the Rock the entire match. Ralphus head of Jericho’s security in WCW would get a better crowd reaction then Cena in Miami.

  • Ralphus

    Haha, Raplhus Rules!

  • Derek

    It’s all just to try and replicate the Hogan/Rock crowd reaction which will never work. They should just let and ride and see what happens. The crowd will be with the Rock the entire match. Ralphus head of Jericho’s security in WCW would get a better crown reaction then Cena in Miami.

  • Devil_Rising

    it never ceases to amaze me how even today, with internet and the bizness being as see through as it is, people still get caught up in is it real?? LOLLL

    seriously, its all pre-thought out, vkm is a control freak he aint letting nothing go out thats not rubber stamped. cena-rocky promo was about as real as punks last summer… just dont know why iwc get soo caught up. still makes for lol reading on here at the pathetic is it real or isnt it? debates

  • There is no way in hell cenas getting a 50/50 reaction from that miami crowd

  • JIR

    @Jeff go watch Wedding Crashers and come back I’ll wait

  • D2K

    “LET’S GO CENA/ROCKY SUCKS!” is very unlikely to happen in Miami. “LET’S GO ROCKY/CENA SUCKS!” is more likely. I don’t agree or disagree with either chant, I just feel that a lot more work has to be done before Cena can get over in Miami. They are off to a good start.

  • ogitchida

    I GET IT NOW !!!!…… at Wrestlemania, Vince wants to hear a chant that goes something along the lines of this… stay with me on this now…. like the “LETS GO CENA/CENA SUCKS” chants…. Vince also wants to hear the “ROCKY/ROCKY SUCKS” chants…. he wants to hear all four of those being chanted at Wrestlemania and you can take that to the bank !!!

  • Paton

    knew it, Rock is having to hold back just so WWE can have a split audience… IN THE ROCKS HOME!

    never going to happen

  • Jeff

    @JIR It’s boggles the mind not bottles the mind LOL

  • Effmenow

    Even if this match was in Boston, the people would still boo the hell out of Cena. As long as he’s the same gimmick that he’s been for years and headlining wrestlemania’s, he will always get booed.

  • Jake

    Only reason Cena got the upper hand was because the Rock played the situation well after Cena brought up the notes, Rock made us think it was another shoot

  • Valo487

    It doesn’t matter where they have the match, it’ll never be 50/50. Cena gets half the crowd cheering and the other half booing on any given night, so when the Rock, one of the biggest names in wrestling EVER comes back to face him, the fans are going to be behind the guy they loved and missed, not the guy that half of them were tired of to begin with. Give up WWE, accept the fact that the way you booked Cena for years has virtually destroyed his ability to ever be embraced by the whole audience and figure out a new approach.


    Its all part of the plan to get Cena a 1up. Its a work

  • JIR

    It bottles the mind to think Cena would get a 50/50 reaction in Rocks home town then WM should have been in Boston or a neutral site for that to happen

  • Really

    The stuff about The Rock and Cena dosent sound made up at all

  • Prince

    Cena will get 50/50. Rock will have the majority of the crowd behind him. I mean c’mon, it’s Miami.