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Backstage News on The Rock vs. John Cena Rematch

– There has been talk of trying to get The Rock to return to RAW in the next few weeks to help boost ratings.

– Michael Hayes has been pushing hard to keep WrestleMania Season “simple” with The Rock defeating WWE Champion CM Punk at the Royal Rumble and the losing the title to John Cena at WrestleMania 29. At this point, nothing is set in stone.

At least one person on the WWE creative team has suggested that they not do Rock vs. Cena II at all. The argument is that there are no more one-time-only dream matches, there haven’t been any in years and there aren’t really any that can be done anytime in the near future – at least dream matches of the magnitude of Cena vs. Rock.

With that said, chances are slim that Rock-Cena II won’t happen because they want WrestleMania and the Royal Rumble to be huge this year.


  • Zedd

    Why not have Punk keep the belt and face Rock at the rumble and have him beat Rock then Punk gets really cocky from it and gets rid of Heyman because he is “too good to have a manager” since he beat the Rock so Heyman gets pissed off and brings Brock Lesnar Back and Punk fights Brock at Mania. Maybe not the best idea in the world but at least it’s not another rematch, Wrestlemania has had too many of those.

  • Rated R

    Yeah so that whole once in a lifetime tag line for their match last year was a joke.

    Here we all are again seeing these two guys go at it, and to be honest rock vs cena last year was crap, didnt live upto the hype at all.

    I really dont need to see it again, screw Cena let Punk keep the title and have him feud with the Rock.

    Cena should not even be going to Hell in the Cell, just take some proper time off to heal god damm you!

  • Devil_Rising

    And the saddness of modern WWE continues, where they feel that old, former stars like Rock, HHH and Lesnar are the only thing they can do to “boost ratings and PPV buys”. If they wanted WM to be huge….then why not trying loading it up with………wait for it…….GOOD MATCHES?

    I know…silly me.

  • SYM

    I just want CM Punk to past Cena’s Reign as WWE Champion. Then let the WWE title go back into irrelevance.

  • If punk screwed rock at rr for title that means cena should face ryback at wm 29 and punk vs rock.

  • Shawn

    You can’t build up Punk like they have only for him to drop the belt to The Rock. Seriously, that’s just crazy. Might as well had him drop it to Vince on Monday! If this is the plan, it’s a damn joke.

  • KingAlbert

    lol, Rock would be a terrible champion now, he needs to show up every week to WRESTLE. Cena as Champ would be boring as fuck again.

  • Dee durp

    ONCE IN A LIFETIME (until next year)

  • monty

    ummm… they want wrestlemania and royal rumble to be huge every year

  • scooter

    I’d rather Cena Won the belt before then and defended it at the Royal Rumble where Punk screws The Rock for the number of times he’s disrespected him. It means we get Punk vs The Rock at wrestlemania but the wwe title match is left open for someone else to get a shot at Cena.