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Backstage News on The Rock Winning the WWE Title

– WWE officials are faced with two issues right now as far as The Rock winning the WWE Title at the Royal Rumble goes.

One is that The Rock winning the WWE Title will mean there are no WWE Title defenses at any live events for a three-month period.

They will also have to work out with The Rock whether or not he will be available for the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view and whether they want him to work that event. Those details may have already been worked out as it was a topic largely talked about among some of the WWE talents this past week.

It’s coming down to the wire in terms of needing to have a set plan and commitments to dates considering the hectic movie promotion schedule Rock has in early 2013.

With the challenges they are facing, it’s said that nothing has changed – the plan is still for The Rock to win the WWE Title at Royal Rumble, from CM Punk, and main event at WrestleMania 29, possibly against John Cena.


  • paul s

    Rock doesnt need another title reign. Cena will always sell kids tshirts and does not need another title run. Let punk beat cenas reign, it makes sense and will be a new passing of the torch with a clean punk win. Punk should beat rock clean or dirty but make him look strong. Would lead to amazing punk/rock promos for a mania rematch where punk should get a very dirty win or clean whatever

  • Lord KGM

    CM Punks reign being halted at Royal Rumble would be a huge mistake by WWE. The Rocks scheduling and lack of in ring work makes it nearly impossible to see him as the WWE champion. If he does beat CM Punk, I would like to see Punk win it back the next night (like the “attitude era” before that had yall worshipping WWE) but I doubt Vince will do that seeing how he loves Cena so much. I wish he would go ahead and make the match of the decade @ WM29 Cena vs. Undertaker…I know Brock is set in that slot but Brock loss to Cena 2 out of 3 times when he came back which killed his buzz (another dumb move by WWE) and set him back as far as hype goes…Ryback will be lucky if he makes it to “the granddaddy of them all” Wrestlemania as a major impact, especially since he lost to Punk at HIAC. Now if WWE had me as a writer, Vince wouldnt be mad at Piper and would make so much money it would make no sense. Im the only one who can save wrestling but I will get overlooked like always. Peace Lord KGM

  • Pig

    Ryback has to get away from that gay Santino Marrelli troubadour stomp.

  • SYM

    Rycrap won’t be hot for long… I cant see how thexe retards like him, he’s totally going to have match of the year quality matches that we’ll remember haha

    all we’ll remember is his meathook clothesline and him doing the same thing in all his matches. He’ll i bet 80% of the WWE audience doesn’t know who the fuck Goldberg is and it as only 14 years ago. no one will remember Rycrap either.not even a on the radar.

    clothesline, bash head on ring, shell shocked win.

  • Kyle

    cm punk is rumored to wrestle mick foley at wrestlemania 29.

  • The Showoff

    If Rock does win the belt he needs to be on Raw mostly every week, I want to see him defend it at or in the Elimination Chamber, and face somebody other than John Cena bc that match again would be boring. I say have him lose at the Rumble to Punk, then win the RR match and go after Ziggler’s world title at WM.

  • D2K

    There is no way Vince will ever allow his precious WWE title to be ‘merged’ with the former NWA and WCW world title. He would just delete the world title before that happens.

    If it were up to me there would only be the WWE World Heavyweight Title, Intercontinental title, and tag-team titles. Then when someone won a title it might actually mean something.

  • DaveyH

    I’m wondering if Rock winning the title might be the beginning of the titles being merged? If he wins and he’s never around to defend, then inevitably the WWE title will begin to look redundant, especially if the World title is being booked competitively. So it’s possible that the Rock may be the last ever WWE champion?

  • Tombstone

    Know what I find amusing? All the people claiming that they know Cena will get the win. And they are the same ones claiming to know the exact same thing before the last WM.

  • CM Mark

    Not gonna complain if Rock beats Punk at RR for the title.

    BUT…Let Punk main event WM if you do. That’s all he has left to do, AND HE DESERVES IT. RESPECT.

  • Shawn O B

    they are not going to have a WWE champion be absent for that long because if the plan is set in stone very near or on WM day VKM would be a wreck and change the ending. no way, im not worried. id rather see Cena win.

  • Tombstone

    Of course the Rock can defend the title at house shows, and at the Elimination Chamber. Remember he is never leaving again right? Wait, that was how many months ago that he said that? And how many times has he wrestled since he said that?

  • d2

    with talk of bringing back the mitb at mania this year if they actually do that i can see rock vs cena at mania have rock win and then someone cash in mitb and win the title. gives someone instant credibility by defeating the rock and would be a nice twist

  • Caity

    I get the fact that The Rock draws ratings. He wasn’t part of the PG Era and that’s what many people want to get rid of because it makes things much less exciting. My problem is, how can you have a WWE Champion that isn’t around? Sure, he’ll be on tv, but the possibility of no live events and maybe even one PPV doesn’t make any sense. People go to the live events to see championship matches. I’m not trying to put down anyone who’s not a champion, but what would you do for the main events? They got rid of the tag match idea for Survivor Series, so how would another PPV work without the champ even being there? They refunded money for people when Cena wasn’t at the live events. How do you explain the champion not being there? It just doesn’t make sense….

  • Jeremy

    Ziggler vs Rock feud would be very entertaining, and new for once

  • Jeremy

    Cena is the FACE of the WWE. if the plan is for Rock to lose why in the hell are they gonna waste this magnitude of a push that rarely comes around on the TOP GUY?! How about punk since hes been beat to shit all year but has sucked it up and went out every night, or bryan, or miz, or rhodes, or ziggler?!

  • DaveyH

    So what happened to Vince panicking that he had no one to replace Cena as the big star turn? Surely more than ever they need to be pushing new stars to the top to replace Cena, bringing back a legend to feud with the fading star is exactly what is wrong with WWE at moment.

  • Prince

    Also, assuming Rock is dropping the title at Mania, I’d rather have him drop it to someone that could really use the push. The Rock putting you over is about as big as it can get. Even Punk would benefit more from that more than Cena. Cena doesn’t need that win.

  • Prince

    I wanna see Rock defend in the EC. That would be sweet. Either that or a rematch with Punk will be fine. What sucks is that Cena will either win the Rumble or the EC to become #1 contender. I’d much rather see Rock face someone else. Oh well, at least the match and feud with Punk should be good.

  • ashterk

    Wait a minute…… I said this a few weeks ago. “WWE keeps on using old stars from the Past instead of building new stars with longevity. They are going to write themselves into a corner.” Hasn’t been a month since Hell in A Cell and they have already wrote themselves back into a corner. If they go with Cena v. Rock 2 wat r they gonna do next?

  • Y2J

    Too bad WWE couldn’t get their shit together planning-wise and made the original Survivor Series main event Team Punk vs. Team Foley and had The Rock on Team Foley along with Cena, Ryback, and maybe Team Hell No vs. Punk, Lesnar, Rhodes Scholars, and a fifth (Dolph Ziggler, perhaps?). Unlike the original teams full of mid carders, this could have been big time and they could have started to tease Rock vs. Punk for the Rumble and done something to tease Rock vs. whoever for Mania (like “accidentally” getting Cena eliminated or something or teasing something with Lesnar). Instead, it’s the typical weekly rewrite after rewrite of Raw and the whole PPV, and they have no consistent direction.

    Also, not doing Rock vs. Cena II because they hyped it up as “Once in a life time” means NOTHING to WWE. How many times have they had DX reunited for “one night only” on Raw over the past five years, like 50 times? Rock vs. Cena II w/ Cena getting his win back is probably the most likely scenario.

  • Diesel

    ple really need to stop bitching about Rock having the WWE Title, what?? would you like to see John Cena holdit for like the zillionth time?? There’s nothing wrong with it. Ok so he has a movie career we all know this, but like don’t people also see the upside to this? I mean for example lets say Rock wins and starts doing interviews about how he won during one of his latest movie premiers, then WWE capitolises on that by Punk cutting a promoon Raw about how he went back to Hollywood or something like that? They could easily cross the two, I mean WWE is ALWAYS involving these big name celebs in some way, so how is Rock different?

  • I prefer triple h to screw the rock at rumble leading to wm match with punk facing bryan or miz for the wwe title. Brock can face taker and cena face ryback. Remember cena expression on hiac preshow when he was asked if he could beat ryback and majority said no.

  • Billbo

    Beating The Rock would be perfect for CM Punk’s claims that he’s the best in the world. It seems like they’re just setting up for Cena to win at WrestleMania (like we haven’t seen that before)against Punk, & they’ll play it up as a triumph over years of battles against the heel, & long title holder, blah blah blah, kind of sickening really.

  • Wellsy

    Giving the Rock the title would be ridiculous.

    He should lose the match at the Rumble, have a rematch at the Elimination Chamber, and have Brock Lesnar cause the upset. Rock vs Brock II would be a huge match for Mania, and would actually make storyline sense with Punk/Heyman/Lesnar connection.

    Cena/Rock would be awful. As would Taker/HHH. They’re repeats. WWE needs NEW ideas.

    Punk losing his streak at Mania would be much bigger.

  • D2K

    So you are saying The Rock is to blame for WWE sucking so badly? Glad you are here to tell us these things. :/



  • Tom

    Punk will cheat a win, lead to a proper match at wm, plus Cena v ryback.
    That would be sensible.

  • Zig

    Rock beats Punk….Ziggler cashes in and wins! Ziggler is a hero. Come to find out its been Ziggler and AJ this whole time.Punk/Ziggler feud begins.

  • mtlhitman

    Rock win at rumble,defend it at elimination chamber and face the winner of this year royal rumble (undertaker).Unless they does a storyline where punk cena and ryback the rock fight each other in the elimination chambers cena eliminate punk , rock eliminate cena and ryback and rock left alone at the end ryback close to be the new champ and brock lesnard come and f5 ryback and the rock keep the title. Wrestlemania matchs would look like this : taker vs the rock , ryback vs lesnard and #1 contender match cm punk vs cena and Punk win that match and face taker a win next ppv.So next year ppv you have punk vs taker (streak) Taker win theur rematch and retire ! Would be a nice end and great overals card for this mania !

  • D2K

    Unless the plan is for The Rock to drop the title to John Cena at Wrestlemania and ‘pass the torch’ so to speak, the whole plan stinks.

    It doesn’t make sense to let a guy keep the title for over a year and then lose it to a guy that’ll be gone in two weeks after winning the title to film yet another movie.

  • WOW

    Cena vs Rock at Mania and ill pass. Match sucked the first time and knowing Cena will get the Win and the Title will just be piling on

  • Best In The World

    I called it a few months ago, Rock beats punk Cena Wins Rumble this year

  • fivogoeswest

    I’m think of it in terms of publicity. Rock holding the title would be a wet dream cone true for WWE. All the red carpets he will do for his movies being introduced as the current WWE champion is probably making the WWE get all gitty like a lil girl.

  • JohnCena33

    THIS IS BS. The Rock as the WWE champion and he might not be at the Elimination Chamber or any live events/RAW for three months, and he is supposed to be the CHAMP. I don’t mind Rock being champ if he can manage the schedule, but if he really loves the WWE, he shouldn’t beat Punk, he should put Punk over.

  • scooter

    As thankful as I am that he came back I don’t think the Rock needs the WWE title, I’d go with him and Punk at wrestlemania and leave the WWE title match for a young guy to step up and take on Cena.

  • bbb

    why does vince always feel the need to rehash old feuds and storylines? the rock vs john cena wont be any better if the wwe title is in the picture…… unless of course…. cm punk is in the mix and it is a three way dance. if vince is smart he will un push ryberg, and make a three way dance at wrestlemania

  • really

    ^I said the same thing after I read “possibly” lol.

  • Pete

    “possibly against john cena” of course it will be against him

  • Jerk Factor

    So it will be like with Hogan at WM9, where he wins the title, doesn’t defend it for months (therefore violating Jack Tunney’s rule that he so vehemently enforced on Shawn Michaels the same year, but never mind that), then drops it at designated PPV – KOTR 93. Come on Rock don’t be a jabroni like Hulk.

  • Stevie P

    Punk gets his automatic re-match. So how would Cena get a match with The Rock before he does that? Or are they just going to bury him because they feel Rock vs Cena means more if Rock can’t defend the title until WM.

  • Shawn

    Rock should not be the guy to break Punk’s streak and please don’t do Cena/Rock again. It was billed as “Once in a Lifetime”. That ruins it. If, and that’s a big IF, they must do it again, wait a little while……. damn!