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Backstage News on The Rock’s Future with WWE, Sting and WWE Officials Working on His Deal

– As of this past weekend, Sting still had not signed a contract with WWE. Those in WWE are saying the deal is super close to being done. Right now it’s believed they are working on the merchandising part of the deal. The idea, which can change, is that they will not use Sting at WrestleMania XXX but likely will at WrestleMania 31 in California next year.

– WWE’s merchandise department were told a while back not to produce any singular merchandise involving The Rock, adding that he could be in group shots but nothing individual. They were also told that Rock would not be back to WWE until 2015 at the earliest. Rock reportedly told WWE officials in August that he would not be doing WrestleMania XXX but has not ruled out WrestleMania 31, which is essentially the same stuff he’s been saying publicly.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Seth Becker

    I don’t have a sense of entitlement. I called b.s. when he said it. I’m just pointing it out again now that he isn’t coming back anytime soon.

    As for the correction on the quote, I’ll accept your version. Though I’m not sure how changing the words changed the meaning.

    You can’t come back unless you go away. So.. “I’m never going away,” The Rock.

  • D2K

    Nor did he have to say, “I’m here to stay” or “I’m never leaving again.” He chose to tell those lies. No one asked him to do so. As a matter of fact no one even asked him to come back either. I know I didn’t. People had moved on just as HE claimed he did.

    But why should The Rock be held accountable for what he says right? People who have made him into an idol will make every excuse they possibly can in his behalf no matter how transparent his hypocrisy is.

    Some people are indeed attached to pro wrestlers, but some people are also attached to ‘honesty’ which is something that the daft have no concept of and it is also why they make excuses when the celebrities or personalities they worship blatantly LIE to further their own agendas. There isn’t one genuine molecule in Hollywood. Dwayne Johnson definitely belongs there. It would be nice if he would be honest and say as much.

  • Yo

    People are way to attached to pro wrestlers The Rock didn’t even have to come back for the last 3 WrestleMania he was yet he did he’s a movie star he doesn’t WWE money hello

  • Jeff N

    no poontang pie is first

  • D2K

    So pointing out hypocrisy equates entitlement?


  • HR

    It’s I’m never going away not leaving again. The Rock is a movie star business man first and WWE personality second. He knows what his roots are and he will be back when he’s back. Stop having that sense of entitlement because it is getting old.

  • Seth Becker

    “And I’ll never leave you again,” The Rock.