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Backstage News on Rumble & Mania Plans, Morrison

– At least some people within WWE expect that John Morrison will return to the company eventually. While Morrison is currently focusing on his acting career, it’s said that neither WWE or TNA is interested in his girlfriend Melina so he’s more likely to end up with the company that will pay him more money.

– With WrestleMania 29 discussions happening within WWE, there is now talk of doing Randy Orton vs. Sheamus for the World Heavyweight Title next year.

Officials are actually trying harder than usual to keep WrestleMania plans for Brock Lesnar, The Rock, John Cena, CM Punk, Triple H and The Undertaker quiet because the idea is they will build the Royal Rumble up into a big show where a lot of different angles will begin or at least everything will fall into place then.

As noted, Rey Mysterio vs. Sin Cara is a likely match. We also noted that Ryback vs. The Undertaker has been discussed a Streak vs. Streak build. Apparently this is a Vince McMahon idea. Other possible opponents for The Undertaker include Brock Lesnar and Triple H. This is unlikely but Punk vs. Taker was at least suggested internally.


  • johnny depp

    atleast i want to see shawn micheals, edge and stonecold

  • Q

    Uh…CM Punk and Undertaker had a pretty damn decent feud already. I’m more for The Rock, Lesnar, or even Wade Barrett. Ryback depending. If it’s going to be his last wrestlemania though, maybe even Kane’s too. Have them face eachother. Yes it’s been done twice before…but I’m sure it would be memorable.

  • dan

    is it just me or would anyone like to see brock vs punk (the whole paul heyman storyline) stabs him in the back* (championship possibly
    rock vs hhh (last man standing no holds barred! attitude era style)
    taker vs cena.. hell in a cell!

  • Austin

    Yeah Taker vs Punk nah I’m good besides I want Taker to have a match with someone he doesn’t have to carry and he would have to carry Punk that whole match! Considering size difference,weight! I just feel that match would be Punk basically jobbing to Taker! I give Punk credit I like him as a wrestler I really do! But I have never really seen Punk square off with Taker sized guys so I think that would be a WM squash match

  • Wm 29 I wish for is taker v s lesnar, hhh vs rock, ziggler vs y2j for world title,cm punk vs ryback for wwe title, I’m assuming ryback would win rumble and face punk, cena vs d bryan I felt these 2 had a good match on raw a couple months ago.

  • Swag Chief

    The Rock should face Taker at Wrestlemania. It’s a match we haven’t seen at Mania before so, why not?

  • the v

    Taker vs hornswoggle at w29!

  • Paton

    or even Taker v Rock, but I think Punk should face him and Punk needs to win it

  • Paton

    the end of an era… until next year…when we have no ther ideas… despite the obvious match being Taker v Lesnar

  • Shawn

    Ryback just isn’t over enough to end the streak. And yes, if they went that route, he would HAVE to end the streak. You can’t build a guy up like that only to have his undefeated streak ended by a guy that’s going to retire very soon. I’m in the group that never wants Undertaker’s streak to end. Thus, this match would be a huge mistake. Either you ruin Undertaker’s biggest achievement or totally bury Ryback.

  • undertaker

    Taker vs lesnar. Cena vs Rock for wwe tittle and cena winning. Austin vs cm punk.

  • Jimbo

    I’d be OK with a Ryback vs Taker match. If Ryback can prove he can wrestle long matches.

  • Anh

    “…Other possible opponents for The Undertaker include Brock Lesnar and Triple H”
    Triple H ? *facepalm*

  • Knobbs

    wait you mean nobody wants to hire his cunt g/f? im shocked