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Backstage News on Ryback and Punk’s RAW Encounter

– As seen at the end of last night’s RAW from Albany, WWE Champion CM Punk was confronted by Ryback after Punk attacked Mick Foley backstage.

This led to speculation that Ryback would be feuding with Punk but PWInsider reports that the staredown between the two was just a tease for fans, just something to think about for the future.

The plan is for John Cena to still wrestle Punk at next month’s Hell In a Cell pay-per-view. Speculation last night was that WWE did the Ryback vs. Punk tease as a back-up plan in case Cena can’t compete but that hasn’t been confirmed yet.

  • Dave

    According to reports, Ryback has been working non-squashes at WWE house shows. And he has comfortably worked 10 minute matches without any major botches or cardio issues.
    My bigger concern is that WWE were supposedly holding back on giving Ryback a push to the higher levels, because they didn’t want to blow things with him.
    Everybody knows that the plan is for Punk to face The Rock at the Royal Rumble. So we can safely say that there is no way they will have Ryback win the title.
    So the choice is either going to be Punk winning. (And pretty much Cenaing Rybacks push), or yet another walkout finish. Which is the perfect way to blow the end of the PPV.
    Let Ryback have a feud with Miz, but moving him into the WWE Championship scene is going to require a lot more build up.

  • Sammo

    No way in Hell will Ryback v CM Punk headline the next PPV.

    Ryback isn’t going to go from wrestling 2 or 3 minute squash matches immediately to wrestling 20 minutes in a live PPV singles main event.

    He has to prove he’s capable of wrestling longer matches on live TV first – for several months.

  • the v

    If its gonna be punk vs cena, i will skip the match, not interested in seeing it all. If its punk vs ryback, then i will be watching possibly the most epic match since wrestlemania, and ryback being new champion could be the begining of another hulkamania/ultimate warrior/goldberg craze that will put wwe back on the map and give them back some credibility they have recently lost over the last few years.

  • JW

    @paul s i agree with you there are other managers than heyman, but there is no one that compares to heyman. he’s just the guy you want backing you up in office and in your storylines and help get you over. last guy i remember who was that damn good was bobby heenan

  • Jimbotron

    How far in the future? Remember, WWE thinks we’re all idiots who can’t remember storylines from two weeks ago.

  • paul s

    Tbere are other managers besides heyman.

  • Prince

    Cool D, that actually would make sense seeing as Ryback has no mic skills. But it’s far too early for him to get that kind of push. So it won’t happen.

  • Remember when heyman screwed brock at survivor series 2002 by helping big show. Well what if ryback face punk at this year survivor series and does same thing to punk and ryback is his new client.

  • Alan Wake

    If Ryberg is gonna be a top star, he better learn to say more then “Feed me more”.

  • Men on a Mission

    Personally, I’d rather see Mick Foley vs. CM Punk in the cell. That actually makes more sense to me and was more of a tease.

  • Nick

    We need a PPV where there is no John Cena at least once a year, to allow somebody else to steal the spotlight. Last year he missed a PPV, I forget which one, but it was one of the best. I think Ryback vs CM Punk for the WWE title, in the cell would be epic, with CM Punk obv. going over. This allows Ryback to show his power by destorying a main eventer inside a crazy weapon called the Hell in a Cell, A great match and place for Rybacks first loss.