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Backstage News on Sandow, Kidd & Gabriel’s Team, Bray Wyatt

– After taking suggestions from fans, Justin Gabriel and Tyson Kidd are considering naming their tag team International Airstrike. They posted this Tout today:

– Bray Wyatt, the former Husky Harris, has been out of action for a few months with an injury but noted on Twitter that he will be returning to WWE NXT “very soon.”

– Regarding the current push of Damien Sandow, it’s said that he’s considered to be Triple H’s big project right now.

Partial source: PWInsider

  • donners

    what about ‘team bad haircuts’ or ‘the charismatic black holes’?

    i’m just messing with the names, but why do they need one? do they even call kofi and truth ‘air jimmy’ or whatever they decided on?

    as long as they give them a similar look, keep them on screen together and don’t have them jobbing in singles matches, i think the idea that they’re a legit team will catch on.

    as for sandow? he’s starting to take that character places – he’s good on the mic, he’s easily dislikeable as that character, but he’s good in the ring. he reminds me of a cross between the genius and ‘the model’ rick martell’…. but maybe that’s just the ring gear?!

  • Lew

    Werent sandow and triple h trained by the same person

  • ChrisDV

    International Airstrike… Sounds like the name of bad 80s action movie.

    On a serious note, I think it’s too long for it to catch on with the fans.

  • Bobobobobo

    You can fix up the name a little bit to seem a little more modern I.A. or I.A.S.

  • Jefferson D’Arcy

    I’m glad Triple H is high on Sandow. I’ve been a big fan of Aaron Stevens since before his first WWE run as Idol Stevens. He looks so different now, I didn’t even know it was the same guy. Even though his gimmick is basically The Genius 2.0, it’s fresh for today and it’s working wonders for him. I think he’s doing great in his role and I think he’d have been a better candidate to put the U.S. title on, and not Antonio Cesaro.

    Cesaro isn’t terrible, but I just don’t see anything in his character. Sandow’s great and if not U.S. champ, he should’ve been the guy to dethrone Christian for the IC title in a few months, not Miz. There’s no reason for Miz to have that title. It’s like Devon being TNA TV champ, why, because he had nothing else going on? Sandow’s doing great, and like someone else said, I hope his push continues, but not the way Sheamus’s initial push ended up. Let it happen naturally, don’t force-feed it.

  • Dave

    They need more upper mid card heels right now. Dolph and Cody need to move into the main event picture. And Sandow would be great to fill the gap they leave.

  • Unique

    @Logan….when tag team wrestling meant something?

  • Logan

    International Airstrike just sounds……1980s.

  • Jimbo

    That’s great news for Sandow.

  • Hank

    Sandow for world champion 2013!!!

  • Best In The World

    sweet name for Gabriel and Kidd

  • chronoxiong

    I’m sure Triple sees a lot of his young self in Damien Sandow. I want to see him continued to be pushed but not like Sheamus though.

  • Jake

    Looks like someone has a new workout buddy!! Sheamus is gonna get jealous fella