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Backstage News on Sandow, Kidd Receives Big Reactions, More

– There will be a big “Heroes & Legends of Wrestling” event on Saturday, March 23rd at the Lutheran Sports Center in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. Stars advertised include Bret Hart, Ted DiBiase, Sr., Jimmy Snuka, Jim Duggan, Tatanka, Demolition and others.

– Tyson Kidd reportedly received big reactions from fans in Birmingham, England on Monday and Tuesday. Kidd defeated Michael McGillicutty in the dark match on Monday and wrestled a match for Saturday Morning Slam on Tuesday. He reacted via Twitter last night:

“I am humbled by the fans here in Birmingham. Felt like I could do no wrong again here tonight. Loved every second I was out there”

– We noted before that Vince McMahon was high on the team of Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow. Vince is especially a fan of Sandow’s work and it’s said he is open to pushing Sandow even if it means breaking him away from Rhodes.

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  • Devil_Rising

    If there was any justice in the wrestling business, Tyson Kidd would be a top WWE star by now, and Natalia would be the centerpiece of the WOMEN’S division. However…no on either count. Thanks Vince.

  • Thomas

    I think breaking up Rhodes Scholars is a bad idea. If WWE is serious about the tag-team division then they should keep Rhodes and Sandow together. I also think both are ready to get pushed but the tag-team between them should be the focal point for now.

  • Hank Moody

    ^And Lanny admits that he stole the gimmick himself, you FAIL.

    Everything is recycled in wrestling. The important thing is being memorable and entertaining, and Sandow is currently the best mic worker in the entire company behind CM Punk, a creative worker in the ring, and one of the only people on the roster who shows character development and growth. For once, he’s not just a generic heel who we can’t tell apart from everybody else on the roster.

  • stockshark28

    Damien Sandow is a complete rip off of “The Genius” AKA Leaping Lanny Poffo!

  • Hunter

    Whilst I’m enjoying The Rhodes Scholars, I have to admit it was a surprise to see these two ”drafted” to the tag division. Rhodes should already be established further up the roster, whilst Sandow has been the second best thing to team Hell No since post Wrestlemania IMO.

    If they don’t get a dominating run with the titles then I’m not sure if I see any worth in it for the individuals (whilst it does help establish the tag division).

  • Tom

    Joe, you are a cretin.

    You’re welcome.

  • Joe

    Sandow is still green but I can see him working main events in the next 2-3 years once he has that mid card push. Find him annoying but he’s also good at being a heel and doing his character. Rhodes on the other hand is ready to take that next step towards the main event stature. He could make a huge impact at the Royal Rumble and even the Elimination Chamber leading into WM.

  • xXx

    well vince, don’t break them up just yet or you’ll be breaking another opportunity for a great tagteam to grow

  • nick

    rhodes is way better than the other guy in pink what a