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Backstage News on Sheamus vs. Show, Foley Addresses Rumor, More

– The Usos say their time is coming. They tweeted this morning:

“The baddest tag team ever!!! #BelieveThat if u don’t…..then we really don’t care what u think…#USOOO #UnkeptSecret”

“For all the haters that responded negatively to our last tweet, like we said….we don’t care…Usos Time is coming! #GetWithItOrGetLost”

– Former WWE stars Edge and Beth Phoenix will be handing out 1,000 turkeys to the needy behind Westgate Mall in Asheville, North Carolina today.

– Mick Foley tweeted the following about the rumors of him wrestling CM Punk:

“Regarding that rumor about me wrestling @CMPunk : I might if I could, but I can’t, so I won’t.”

– Sheamus vs. Big Show in a Chairs Match for the World Heavyweight Title for the TLC pay-per-view was made official at last night’s SmackDown tapings. There had also been talk of having the two compete in a Tables Match using some of their history as Sheamus’ first WWE Title win over John Cena was in a Tables Match and Big Show lost his Intercontinental Title last year in a Tables Match. Now we know the match will be a Chairs Match but word is that the feud between Show and Sheamus will end at TLC.

Partial source: PWInsider

  • sam mccourt

    i spent ages typing my comment out so why didn’t it appear after i clicked submit?

  • YouDeserve

    The nicknames you guys give to the wrestlers are so brilliant ad by brilliant I mean fucking stupid.

  • Little Jimmy

    The Main Problem is WWE, They make the choices they Give Sheamus a feud with DBryan in which he won him in 18 seconds at the Biggest show of the year wrestlemania against one of the best best overall worker’s WWE have got. His Match Against Ziggler was my favorite of all and the one WWE didn’t even plan on happening if it wasn’t for ADR’s Injury If Given the right feud and opponent then my regard of Sheamus would change. SO five BORING matches with ADR is god awful. Now Three Matches against a boring giant even though I like show his matches are at snail pace and is hard to maintain focus and open my eyes. That Is Why My Opinion of Sheamus in the World Title hunt is low.

    Orton Is one guy I like but myself am abit bored of his current gimmick as I think he is better as a heel but as a face I still like him though he needs freshness to his gimmick.

    Ryback He isn’t my number one choice for a Title Shot as I thought putting him in the WWE title scene and to have him lose his undefeated streak is vintage WWE killing momentum as I’d personally want him to go after a secondary title first and I don’t think he’s ready for the WWE/World title yet however In 7-8 Months time then I think he will be ready for a title shot at the least and not even a reign.

  • keylo

    Meant to say from your list Ziggler screams out for a proper decent push and Sandow as well, as his persona is class and funny as hell at times. Y2J also but given his part time cant see it, the peeps should also get a long run as it was a joke the way he was treated last time.

  • keylo

    You call Sheamus boring yet you list the most boring bastard ever Boreton. You whine about his use of the word fella, but yet you also listed Roidback,feed me is all he can say at least sheamus can string some sentences together

  • Little Jimmy

    Sheamus & Big Show need to vacate the World Heavyweight Title scene NOW! They are both extremely boring one says “Fella” all the time and has the complexion of an albino the other one just shouts and puts his fist up all of the time. 2013 The World Title Hunt should feature the following:
    Randy Orton
    Dolph Ziggler
    Chris Jericho
    Damien Sandow
    Cody Rhodes
    Kofi Kingston

  • Tyler(:

    Wait, is this a Uso heel turn, The Usos being arrogant, or just how they are normally? I’m lost.

    Sheamus is boring, I’m from the UK and I mark out more for Drew McIntyre than that boring buffoon.

  • cc

    I think its obvious that it would be a chairs match considering the amount of times Sheamus has used a chair recently.