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Backstage News on Sheen – What Happened to WWE’s Plans and More

– According to those in WWE, the situation with Charlie Sheen is that around the time he agreed to be the Social Media Ambassador for RAW 1000, he also verbally agreed to work the SummerSlam pay-per-view since it was happening in Los Angeles.

About two weeks later, Sheen backed out due to scheduling issues. We now know that he had a big family birthday party that had been planned for months. While the SummerSlam deal fell through, officials are hoping that Sheen will agree to appear more for them in the next few months. We noted yesterday that they are hoping for something with Sheen at WrestleMania 29 but we could see him sooner.

For those wondering, Sheen was never scheduled to wrestle a match. On the night of RAW 1000, WWE’s plan was for the first major angle with Sheen to be shot at SummerSlam, not have the angle end. The idea was that Bryan would challenge Sheen to show up on RAW each week and when he appeared at SummerSlam, that would have got WWE the “crazy” media coverage they wanted.


  • ChrisDV

    Because of Tiger Blood, RPM. Because of Tiger Blood.

    I would’ve made a “Duh! Winning!” joke, but Ant already did that one >.<

  • RPM

    how is Sheen PG?

  • ant

    they just mad cuz hes WINNING!!

  • Shawn

    WWE does know that people stopped caring about Charlie Sheen a couple years ago. Their time to ‘capitalize’ on his ‘popularity’ has long since ended.

  • 1919dpg

    sheens show anger management is pretty boring.