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More Backstage News on The Shield Breaking Up and Why They Turned Babyface on RAW

– We noted before that there is still a plan in place for The Shield to split up. The plan is for Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose to play the heel tag team while Roman Reigns will be booked as a top singles babyface.

The apparent babyface turn by The Shield on RAW was done to accomplish two things – allow The New Age Outlaws to work a program with them, which they requested, and to better set up Reigns’ big singles run.

The idea behind better setting up Reigns’ singles run is that it’s better for Ambrose and Rollins to turn on Reigns than it is for Reigns to turn on them.



    Rollins is way better in my opinion and the crowd lets him knw it each and every night. There is only a select few who think Ambrose should get spotlight like yourself yes he has good Mic skills and ring ability. But he just doesn’t get over like reigns and Rollins do

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    he is though, he has the wrestling ability/promo skills & charisma (which is basically what you need to succeed). Reigns only has the monster look & Rollins only has the ring work

  • CC

    I dont necessarily see the Shield as having done a face turn. yeah they turned on Kane, and got a beat down by the other tag teams etc, but that doesnt make them faces. if anything they are more tweeners at the moment. kinda like Austin in his day. refusing to defer to the authority, but will still give the faces crap when they feel like it.
    I certainly dont see them working with any other faces, but of course I could be proved wrong.


    Because Ambrose isn’t the complete package

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    Why WHY push Reigns and not Ambrose? Yeah so Reigns is another jacked up dude big deal, same sh** different wrestler. Reigns has NO mic skills whatsoever, so unless he has a manager or mouthpiece he’s not gonna get far, whereas Ambrose is the complete package.

  • EaterofWorlds

    I’m well aware of why Reigns is getting the Cena push and Ambrose is doomed. I’m just pointing out how bad he is. Pushing somebody based solely on their look in this day and age is completely stupid, it’s a different business. Roman Reigns is an Ultimate Warrior level talent, and that’s not a compliment, for the record. This push is a gigantic waste of time that’s going to fail.

  • The Killswitch

    It’s because he doesn’t possess the right size/look, most likely. Daniel Bryan is breaking this standard by becoming the top guy but he has insane merch sales, and an amazing crowd reaction. And for Reigns to get the push from the group seems wrong, but he has the look. He has the presence. He just isn’t the mic master Dean is, or the technical expert. And that’s where a lot of people (me included) take issue.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    I don’t think there is going to be a split think there was a change of mind on breaking the Shield up for now to see how they do as a face. Could be we just see a 6 man tag with The Shield vs Kane and New Age Outlaws at Wrestlmania. The biggest face pop they will get is when the Triple powerbomb HHH in up coming future maybe the night after Wrestlmania. To me just could all be the Shield has figure it out that the Authority has put a dog tag on them for many month and now they are coming off it. Give the Shield a good shot at being face could always break them up next year or in a couple month.

  • Nik Roseveare

    I find it veeeeery hard to believe that The Outlaws have enough backstage pull to choose their own feuds. I wouldn’t take this rumour at face value.

  • Shawn OB

    I don’t know which superstars (because I haven’t watched any NXT yet) but I think they should call up a few wrestlers from NXT and introduce them to the audience real soon so they can set up a 6 man match between the Shield and the prospects. I think the new guys forming a stable or some kind of bs corporate “committee” under Kane as the lead should be interesting for WM. I always seen Kane as a leader of a group of some kind without the mask, he looks intimidating like a drill sergeant yet intelligent and a good talker.

  • thepewp

    I would have liked Roman to win a triple threat US Title match. They can all 3 be babyface, and Kane can book the punishment match.

    Ambrose is taken out by Roman with a superman punch, goes over the ropes. Rollins vs Roman an all-out spotfest, about 4 moves each at a quick pace. Roman with a spear. Ambrose comes up from behind with his facelock slam for the win. Ambrose continues the attack on Roman. Rollins gets up, pulls Ambrose off, who pushes Rollins. The 2 come face 2 face, then turn and attack a downed Roman. Rollins declares he will win the IC Title and Rollins/Ambrose will win tag belts.

    Oh well, guess I am a 90’s guy at times.

  • TheFizPop

    im just going to be a whiney bithc because its what we do!

  • Tom

    So, we are denied an incredible triple threat match because Triple H’s friends want a program. They got one during the April UK tour ffs.