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Backstage News on Sin Cara, JR Comments on Lawler-RAW

– A fan on Twitter asked Jim Ross if WWE will do anything to show support for Jerry Lawler on Monday’s RAW. Ross replied:

“Likely an update, well wishes, paycheck.”

– The match with Sin Cara vs. The Miz on Friday’s SmackDown was heavily edited, as you probably could tell by watching the match. Fans in attendance noted to us that it was one of Cara’s most-botched performances yet.

Word is that Cara went missing backstage for a while after the match. People were looking for him but he was nowhere to be found. Cara was seen walking from the ring to the backstage area shaking his head. The feeling was that Cara knew that the match didn’t go well at all.

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  • Alan Wake

    It’s probably not ALL Caras fault. Not like Miz never botches. I blame both of them for such a bad match.

  • SYM

    I can tell Sin Cara isn’t Feeling WWE. When they have you on a leash & limit your Ability/Technique when you’re so use to advanced Moves its custom that you Botch alot. Its an excuse yes but all the same a Fact.

  • Sam Peters

    I can see Sin Cara taking the pin fall tonight then lol

  • xXx

    ..or botch cara

  • Deva

    I like sin botcha