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Backstage News on Sin Cara, MVP Comments on Matt Hardy, Eve Hosting Seminar

– Former WWE star MVP wrote the following on Twitter about Matt Hardy:

“I spoke 2 Matt & Jeff today. It’s a difficult time for Matt but he’ll be ok. Life has ups & downs! For some more than others. Matt has people who care about him that will see him get the help he needs! It’s real easy for those of you that are free of imperfection to hurl insults at those who aren’t. Life is about PEAKS & valleys!”

– WWE Diva Eve Torres and Rener Gracie will be leading a Women Empowered self-defense seminar in Burien, Washington on Thursday, September 15th at 7pm from the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission gym. For more information, call 206-412-0384.

– There were lots of people backstage at the SmackDown tapings this past Tuesday night rolling their eyes at Sin Cara. If you haven’t heard yet, WWE had to do two re-takes of Cara’s match against Heath Slater. The original Mistico is back under the mask after returning from suspension.

Partial source: PWInsider

  • StudDog

    Well said MVP! One thing though, nobody is free from imperfections, some just think they are.

  • venom


    Sounds like MVP was yelling all the time. Sin Cara sounds like more work to keep. They should unmask him, job him, then release him.

  • me

    MVP overuses exclamation marks way too much, people who talk like this! look like tools!

  • Logan

    Why not stick with the guy that replaced him? Oh, it’s because Sin Cara was brought in by HHH?

  • Starship Pain

    How ironic is this situation: Hunico was the original Mistico, back in Mexico. The character wasn’t popular, so CMLL put “Mistico” to sleep. Then, they gave a shot to the character again, but with a different guy. Then, this Mistico was called up to be Sin Cara, and he was suspended. And WWE used Hunico, the original Mistico, as Sin Cara for few matches… Yeah, the cycle is complete ha ha ha.

  • Automattic

    And yet Hunico was getting a lot of praise under the Sin Cara mask. That should tell management something…

  • Snark Mark

    wouldn’t it be great if the replacement got the identity, became real popular, and had a decade long career? We’ve al heard how Kane was only supposed to be Kane for a couple months, imagine a guy at the end of the road saying, “Hey, originally they had this other jackass as Sin Cara”

  • Damien Phoenix

    Guess they should of stuck with the replacement than?

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    Yay! The original Sin Cara, master of botches is back…

  • Camille

    Yeah okay MVP, pretty sure I never let someone taser my girlfriend.