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Backstage News on the Status of WWE’s Stable with Big E, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods

– The status of WWE’s stable with Kofi Kingston, Big E and Xavier Woods has been a hot topic among fans this week. The group has been used at recent WWE live events and in dark matches, both as heels and babyfaces.

The members of the group have been told that they will still be used together in the future. WWE officials are trying to figure out how the group will be presented and how they want to move forward with it.

Source: PWInsider

  • jedi

    notice the Latino says wwe is racist to Latinos & a black guys says they are racist to blacks…….interesting! So the it looks like MMA & boxing is racist as well based off your silly observation to white people!
    Oh yeah how many black & latino champs? UFC 4 white champs, 1 Mexican, 2 black & 1 Brazilian. So by those numbers are they racist because by those #s either they favor white people also or your “minorities would dominate WWE” holds not water!! UFC has only had 3 black champs ever!! LMAO pathetic stop blaming race get off your pitty pot & do something besides poor me im not white!!!

  • jedi

    OK your in a wheelchair so I will not hit back as I did not mean to offend you regarding the stand up thing so will just end that there. You can say they dont remember Sexual Choclate but yet it was being chanted at him the past 3 weeks so I guess they do (maybe that is the beauty of the NETWORK!) My sister in law is Guyanese & they music they listen to when we go to Guyana sounds just like that just cant understand it as well. I agree with the debut thing. Do you remember the Uso’s debut? “We are the ones taking your scholarships! ” that has & I think will always rub me the wrong way. You are saying facts as so am I, I guess its just our different perspectives as people HUH
    PS : Thats Pumpkin Spice!!

  • HR


    Do not start with me. First off, I’m in a wheelchair so I “can’t get off my a$$” even if I wanted to!!! Secondly, I’ve never cried whoa as me and would not let friends and family do it for me. Everything I possess, I did it by myself and by my own rules even when the world of experts said it was not possible. I was suppose to DIE by the age of 2 because of my condition. Go bark up another tree because you do not want any part of this 28 year old beast with a Masters’. My post if read correctly would understand that these newer PG Era fans mostly have vague memories of Sexual Chocolate Mark Henry. It is mostly older fans that call him that. The general observation of Kofi Kingston is someone similar to a rasta guy even though we both know he is from Africa, which makes it even more racist! Listen to his theme song!!! Remember he was originally billed from Jamaica upon his debut! Things like that make it extremely difficult to gain recognition no matter how hard the talent tries!!! No whoa as me here just stating facts. Try again in a more educated way next time. Ok Pumpkin?

  • jedi

    Big E= giant black guy (LMAO that is what he is!)

    Kofi= Rasta (born near the city of Kumasi in the Ashanti region of Ghana in west aftaica as hes billed)

    Mark Henry= angry back guy (sexual chocolate= not angry fan fav, ECW champ & world heavyweight champ, SHOW & Henry tagging now as faces! Yeah he was held back)

    Xavior Woods= Carlton?(no Bryon Saxton is Carlton, Woods is a X TNA guy trying to get over in the Universe)

    R-Truth= rapper with a mental complex (he picked raper gimmick which is why he took it to TNA & mental complex he was a fan fav once his Cena fued was done & got over huge)

    You are a cry baby poor me im black so that is why me & people like me are held back! Stop thinking of excuses, get off you a$$ & make it happen for you!

  • new8406

    Useless update on this stable #71…..

  • Iosos Rezorek

    Everyone is talking bout storylines, And with the Rey Mysterio’s and Del rio thing in the news, this would be a Controversial and great storyline to build on,

  • HR

    I normally agree with many of your posts CC, but I have a few issues here. The main reason we as fans see very few minority wrestlers is because of the portrayal on tv. I’m African American and have been watching the sport for nearly 25 years. When an African American watches another AA wrestle, we see a lot of talent being burned at a constant rate. Not to mention, the characters portray racial gimmicks at the very least. Kofi=Rasta guy. Big E=giant black guy. Mark Henry=angry black guy. Xavier Woods=Carlton from the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. R-Truth=rapper with a mental complex. I guess what I am saying is that these characters do not have a chance to get over and as an AA fan, why would I want to pursue a career in this business when I see a total lack of respect to people currently involved? Until they are given honest chances with respectable gimmicks, the cycle will continue.

  • CC

    So Rey Mysterio, Eddie Guererro, Mark Henry, Great Khali, The Rock & Alberto Del Rio (as you mentioned granted) have not been champions in the last decade or so?
    Fact is Big E was on a huge push and failed to get over.
    Also there was a big chance of Lashley being champ as well until he was injured. Ditto for Big Zeke Jackson.
    Is there more white champions? Yeah, but the fact that the title scene has been dominated by only a handful of champions, there are more white people held back than black/latino etc.
    Who makes it to champion has little to do with race and everything to do with who WWE wants to get over with the only exceptions being the likes of Punk & Bryan, but even they were squashed over and over, yet they had some of the most successful runs.
    As for the three guys in this faction. Big E as I said, failed to get over despite a big push, mainly because he was just another muscled up guy that fit the cookie cutter WWE image. Kofi had a big push at one point and I will agree WWE dropped the ball with him.
    As for Xavier, how is his situation any different to Adam Rose? Both came up from NXT, both came in with a flash, both struggle to get tv time. By your statement, Rose being white should automatically be getting tv time, yet here he is in the same boat as Woods. Kinda defeats your point.

  • NowhereMan78

    just add Mark Henry and they can be the NOD-2000

  • Jmister28

    There all being held back cause there minorities,if they were white they would all be getting there spot on Raw and Smackdown every week,its a shame that the WWE has always been holding back on African american and latino wrestlers, i mean when was the last time there was a black or latino WWE Champion in the past few years, maybe one or two the most including Del Rio and he is no longer there,everybody knows that if wrestling was real nor Cena,Brian,Orton or Cm Punk would have won the titles as many times as they did, if it was MMA OR Boxing none of them would be champ , i am a wrestling fan but its sucks that the WWE as popular as it is isn’t fair to everybody, its all about pretty face,body builders and if your a none minority,not a racist but i call it as i see it .

  • Shjo22

    Same here. They should take their time & do it right. I dont want another NOD stable, but another stanle would be nice to see. I just hope they dont end up like 3MB.

  • UD_Artist

    In the meantime…. let’s just continue watching, Bo Dallas, beat Kofi… every single week, haha.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    True, but I would prefer that they take their time to find the perfect storyline in the long term as well

  • Shjo22

    Im really rooting for this stable. If they’re not being used in any important storylines then let them go w/ it.