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Backstage News on Surprise Entrants for the Rumble, Lesnar

– WWE officials actually discussed going against Brock Lesnar’s planned dates and have him work the January 7th RAW but obviously decided against it. Lesnar isn’t expected back until February.

– A source confirms that we will indeed be seeing more than just a few familiar WWE faces in this year’s 30-man Royal Rumble main event. It was recently rumored that WWE was planning to bring back some midcard talents and some of those same names were on a list for surprise Rumble entrants.

– Tommy Dreamer’s name was brought up in a recent WWE creative meeting about a surprise entrant in this year’s 30-man Royal Rumble match.

Source: PWInsider

  • Daniel Schein

    Eugene’s last run that he got because of his buddy Randy Orton ended just as it started since he was out of shape…..IMO we already have enough talent filling the comedic relief spots. If anything I could see him getting signed as a trainer or agent.

    With Charlie Haas booked for several singles indie matches signs point Shelton has signed again, which is a positive move in strengthening the mid card. For some reason at this point I can’t see WWE touching Matt Hardy without Jeff who appears now to be sticking with TNA, but you never know. Morrison and even Jim Ross among others have always talked like he was just taking a break, so I do expect him back at some point and hopefully without Melina as I expect will be the case, so he can realize his main event destiny. I’ve never been a big fan of MVP but he does have charisma and mic skills……I just can’t see him getting a big push at almost 40….maybe a Tag Team with R Truth

  • Sam Peters

    I would be up for seeing Dreamer at RR, still respected well and does not mind taking a major bump either, could see Benjamin, MVP, Morrison, Matt Hardy and maybe even Eugene returning lol

  • stockshark28

    Tommy Dreamer WOOOO HOOOO who cares really who cares Tommy Dreamer is a never was!