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Backstage News from TNA Bound For Glory – Sting & Hogan, the World Title, Tickets

– Going into last night’s TNA Bound For Glory pay-per-view, TNA had about 2,500 tickets sold for the event, which would be considered a disappointment. Last night’s show was heavily papered.

– As was made pretty clear last night after the Sting vs. Hulk Hogan match, there has been talk of Sting and Hogan teaming up on pay-per-view to take on Ric Flair and a partner.

– Before last night’s TNA Bound For Glory pay-per-view, the plan was to put the World Heavyweight Title on Robert Roode.

The speculation last night was that Roode may win the title on an upcoming Impact Wrestling episode or the next pay-per-view. There was a lot of talk that they should have put the belt on Roode last night, especially with Kurt Angle being injured.

Other speculation is that they’re waiting to put the title on Jeff Hardy.


  • jay are

    hardy don’t need the belt. just give him a couple pills and hes a happy camper! roode is and will make a better champion than hardy. tna dont need any more bad publicity, especially from a hardy screw up.

  • venom

    TNA is getting so bad, I doubt McMahon would even buy it. It think he is just going to let that company suffer.

  • How after months of build up with bfg series and all the hype, does tna once again disappoint. i thought for sure it would be roode walking out with the strap and tna trying to resurrect itself, but why would i think that after hogans comments. i guess i was hoping tna would do the unthinkable and give us a new product ( no angle, no sting, no orton, no cena ) something fresh and once again with 2,500 people in attendance (lol) this is the best they can offer ( a fluke pinfall on roode) somebody please get hogan, bischoff, etc the hell out of there before its to late. i think it already is though.

  • Mojojojo

    TNA’s single biggest show of the entire year sold only 2,500 tickets. If that doesn’t prove TNA is two feet in the grave, nothing does.

  • Kiwi as bro

    So since 2006 has only two Tna originals held the world title?. It’d just be Joe and Styles right?

  • Snark Mark

    I’m with JWaller, forcing the situation with Jeff hardy is a risk not worth taking. Maybe a tag team run with RVD or a more comical feud with Eric Young, but he should be kept away from the World’s Title until he has proven that he can consistently come into work ready to go.

  • Henry87

    Flair,Hogan,Sting another over 50’s club match
    but a tag this time.

  • JWaller91

    Hardy does not need the belt, he needs a few good fueds to sell tickets. If you give it to him when he just comes back, you are aksing to be screwed. Give it time. You wanna give him a belt? Have him win the X Title from Aries. Having that belt on a big main eventer will give some presteige to the division.

  • Its really simple TNA…..put the title on a guy that was never in WWE. You did it with Styles now give it to Roode. Whats the big risk??? Your Impact rating, ticket sales and PPV buys already suck.