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Backstage News on TNA Moving to a New Network, Major Changes They Would Have to Make

– has confirmed Monday’s report about TNA being offered a spot on Discovery’s VELOCITY network, which is available in only HD and less than 50 million homes.

TNA moving to VELOCITY was described as a worst case scenario.

If they take the deal, TNA would have to cut so far back on production and talent that the TNA as we know it would be no more.

  • jedi

    if only JJ issues never happened do you think it would be this bad? Never quite understood why he was pushed out because when he was running it they always progressed to a higher level.

  • jedi

    very true!!!

  • ChrisDV

    If they have to stop being the TNA we know, that’s a good thing. The TNA we know isn’t exactly highly regarded these days.

  • StocktonJoe

    Simple truth is that TNA having to re-invent itself from the ground up is a GOOD thing. I don’t know if they’re going to be able to make this work or not. What I DO know is that what they’ve been doing ISN’T working. And when what you’re doing is not working, the answer is never “do more of the same.”

  • Will Henderson

    if that’s the only network that wants TNA, they ether need to take the deal and just fully reboot and rebuild from the inside out and build a new fan base since they burned their bridges with the IWC and true TNA marks, or just file for bankruptcy and go out of business already.