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Backstage News: TNA President Dixie Carter Buying Out Jeff Jarrett?

Source: Newsletter

TNA president Dixie Carter did not reveal her immediate plans at the TV tapings last week, but backstage rumors are swirling of her possibly buying out Jeff Jarrett and making creative changes.

The office was apparently in disarray last week, as some office workers weren’t sure who to speak with regarding things they would normally have gone to Jarrett about. Carter has apparently spoken to some of the top wrestlers personally regarding the situation, but aside from them, the only people in the know are her inner-circle. There likely won’t be any official announcement on her decision for a while.

“Dixie has seized complete control of the company and she will be going over the Jarrett allies (closely),” said one TNA source. “If anyone in her inner circle has something bad to say about those people, they could be gone.”

While Carter has technically been in control of the company since she purchased a majority share, she hasn’t really asserted her power and allowed Jarrett to run the wrestling end of the operation. She has a reputation of avoiding confrontation, but the feeling is that she’s stepping up at a crucial time that will define the company going forward.

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  • dixie carter

    haha im gonna run tna and stick willies up everyones asses, especially jeff jarrets buddys, hahah fuck you all

  • Keith Learmonth

    “WWE is a cartoon these days – too much into ridiculous gimicks and comedy. Get back to what made professional wrestling great in the late 70’s to late 80’s”…

    What the..? You realise that wrestling was far more “Comic based” with “rediculous gimmicks” in the 80’s, right?

  • TheChamp

    I disagree – the more talent the better. I think the whole split of brands (aka WWE) was always a big mistake, and WWE is FINALLY seeing it with cross-utilizing their talent more and more. The same holds true for TNA.

    Look at WCW – one of the reasons it did so well was the rich and deep talent roster. I think TNA needs to consider breaking out into televised arena shows for IMPACT – get out of that dance hall they’re in now.

    Bring back Managers. Promote Tag Team wrestling more. What happened to the X Division – it’s next to nothing now.

    I honestly believe that TNA has a much better product than does WWE. WWE is a cartoon these days – too much into ridiculous gimicks and comedy. Get back to what made professional wrestling great in the late 70’s to late 80’s. (and I DO think that Paul Heyman can help in this regard – bring him in).

  • Sipeli

    Jonny is right. Paul Heyman is a genius! (As far as wrestling goes). TNA has positioned itself so well in terms of talent, and being the ultimate upstart promotion. Although i love the old ECW it really only appealed to the nich audiance, the hardcore fans. He showed his skill at booking for the masses when he was in charge of the Smackdown! 6 period.
    Honestly though i really think TNA need to trim their roster. So many people are popping up and down that it hard to keep track of certain guys. TNA have one two hour show a week. They dont need all these guys on the roster or behind the scenes.

  • JonnyBrasco

    Paul Heyman is a Genius.


  • 6burgh

    i not as high on heyman as a lot of people are. i like russo, but they need some one to plan out his ideas.

  • Sipeli

    Please, please, please appeal to Paul Heyman.
    Oh god the things that he could do with that talent list would be amazing.
    This may sound like a broken record but please get rid of Russo. Mix up the creative team at least. I used to love TNA and pimp it to anyone who would listen. I really havent done that for the last two years, and that kinda sux knowing how good they could be.