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Backstage News on The Undertaker Possibly Wrestling Another Match

– The possibility of The Undertaker and Sting facing off in a “dream match” appears slim as word is that Taker may have already wrestled his last match.

Undertaker has been telling those close to him that although he doesn’t completely rule out wrestling again, he does not expect to.

“The last we had heard, which was, I don’t know what a month or two ago, it feels like a bit over a month ago, Undertaker was saying that he did not expect to ever wrestle again, but he didn’t rule it out 100%, he just didn’t expect it,” Dave Meltzer said recently on Wrestling Observer Radio.

It was reported in June that The Undertaker was in bad shape after suffering multiple injuries in his WrestleMania XXX match with Brock Lesnar. Although he has been training in the gym, the possibility of a match next year at WrestleMania 31 in Santa Clara, California was “not looking good.”

  • Jason Lentini

    HBK & HHH sate opponents. Lesnar not a safe opponent.

  • Thayer

    Taker has been banged up for a while now. Which is why I never understood why they put him in a match with Lesnar. All of Lesnar’s matches are always rough.

  • CC

    Oh, and I should point out these two are two of my favourite wrestlers ever.

  • CC

    As anticipated as a Sting/Undertaker match is, I think its far too late for both of them now.
    Maybe they could still put on the match of a lifetime, but with all Takers injuries, and Sting not being 100% anymore either, it seems to be something that the fans would be happy to see just for the anticipation, but would leave people thinking “if only” once its done.
    Add to the fact that the streak being broken last year kinda takes the shine off of any future Taker WM matches, and its no longer a guaranteed headlining match.