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Backstage News on The Undertaker’s WWE Future, His Concussion and the Match with Lesnar

– Regarding why Brock Lesnar vs. The Undertaker at WrestleMania XXX may have seemed off, it’s said that The Undertaker didn’t know what they were doing and had to rely on Lesnar to keep them going. Nobody knows exactly where the concussion came but it may have been on the single leg takedown where Taker hit his head on the floor.

There was a lot of talk about Taker’s future backstage at WrestleMania and RAW. Nobody knows for sure if that was Taker’s last match but it was certainly being talked about like it was.


  • Nicholas Giambattista

    With all do respect reality is Undertaker was never going to retire with that streak if he didn’t retire at Wrestlmania 28 where we go the match and photo finish with Undertaker, HHH and HBK standing tall then it only was a matter of time until it had to be this way. I sorry love Undertaker Wrestlmania is never going to be the same but his last two Wresltmania did not look the greatest in shape going in. Maybe this was the whole reason why Brock Lasner was brought back to begin with to end the streak only because Lasner is the only man that can handle the burned of beating the Undertaker. Because who every was the one who ended the streak was going to be hated the rest of his career well as we all know just about everybody hates Brock Lasner so he can handle it. I don’t hate Brock Lasner to me this was all Undertaker idea that rock was going to be the one. I an end of a era when it comes to Wrestlmania not going to be no more streak build up maybe he goes in the Hall of Fame next year maybe they wait until Wrestlmania 35 to do it. But nobody will every be better then Undertaker at Wrestlmania streak wise.

  • TheFizPop

    No i agree 🙂 but anybody expecting a stellar Taker match, esp with brock should have known better. I mean Brock is a skillfull wrestler, yet they make him just another big guy brute, i wanted a more laid back wrestling approach, not style over substance, which is many the case nowadays. It was always going to be awkward when Taker lost, retired, due to his character not breaking, personally id rather him just break it and say his piece and enjoy his life

  • Swasz

    He should have retired after Wrestlemania 26..Against Triple H also Wrestlemania’s 27 and 28,his match was not that great,look at the Wrestlemania 17 match against Triple H,it was exceptional and it is bound to happen having wrestled for so many years the condition ought to go down..but really hoped this(B Lesnar) to be a good match..look at the could clearly see the head not going down at all,the last ride ..One sud retire after having a good match like HBK..but nevertheless I have been a huge Undertaker fan..have watched so many of his exceptional matches..Thanks to all the memories you have given us..

  • LoganSR71

    I remembered hearing about him retiring in 2005 during my senior year of HS. At that point I have never seen him perform live, never got that Undertaker entrance experience. So F the prom, bought tickets for SD!, front row and I still don’t regret it.

  • TheFizPop

    yea as a concussion really didn’t play any part on this match at all…

  • Like I said, he should have retired years ago, and not allowed himself to become a shadow of what he once was. Period.

  • Sam Peters

    Props to Lesnar for keeping the match going if thats the case