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Backstage News on Upcoming WWE Pay-Per-View Main Events

– WWE currently has pay-per-view main events penciled in through the Royal Rumble, which is the opposite of how they have booked in recent years.

There has been talk of doing a Scramble match at the Survivor Series pay-per-view with Sheamus, Mark Henry, Christian, Randy Orton, Big Show and Kane. Henry vs. Show in a Tables Match at the TLC pay-per-view is also being discussed.

It’s also said that creative has picked out a tentative winner for the Royal Rumble already, and that Superstar is from the SmackDown brand. The idea is that the winner will end up with the World Heavyweight Title before WrestleMania 28, likely at Elimination Chamber, because Daniel Bryan will be challenging with his Money in the Bank briefcase.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Greg

    Has anyone else noticed that smackdown wins all of the survivor series matches and most royal rumble winners are from smacldown

  • lew

    since when do scramble matches have 6 people

  • Damien Phoenix

    Just have someone on Raw win this one then if there is problems

  • venom

    Is there only going to be one Elimination Chamber match at that ppv? Because the royal Rumble winner would get a one on one title shot and not be one of the 6 in a chamber match. If thats the case, then when have a smackdown chamber match in Bryan is going to get a World title match at Wrestlemania? I agree they should stop making Bryan look weak.

  • Sammo

    The Miz is my early pick to win the Rumble.

  • Devil_Rising

    They might want to start building Danielson as a credit threat then, instead of having him get punked all the damn time.

  • John

    Oh God the Mark Henry/Big Show fued might run until late December. Is anyone into this fued? Maybe after they bore us to death at vengeance WWE will come to their senses and cut it short.

  • Automattic

    That kind of messes up the point of the Royal Rumble. If they’re going to have someone from Smackdown win it, at least make a Triple Threat match at WM. I think it would make better sense to have whoever it is challenge for the WWE title. It’s a little encouraging, at least, to know that they’re planning ahead.

  • Dbad34

    Wow so shameus is gonna win the rumble is my guess but I hope it’s Cody Rhodes but shit, Vince can’t handle making people stars anymore so it will be orton or Kane or show or Henry and it will be fucking gay