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Backstage News on Vince McMahon, Punk Shirt Selling on eBay, WWE in Reno

– Devin sent the following: WWE’s house show in Reno, Nevada on August 7th, 2011 has been canceled. Refunds are available at the point of purchase. This is the third time since fall of 2010 that a WWE event in Reno got axed.

– Some of the commemorative CM Punk t-shirts that sold out at Sunday’s WWE Money in the Bank pay-per-view are going for over $500 on eBay this week.

– The long-term plan for Vince McMahon to lighten his WWE duties in real life was for his current run to end around WrestleMania 28, with Triple H taking over the day-to-day activities. Even then, Vince will still oversee everything and won’t be going anywhere.

This marks the fifth straight year that Vince has written himself off WWE TV in some form or fashion. In 2007 he was blown up in a limousine, 2008 saw the RAW set fall on top of him, in 2009 he sold WWE to Donald Trump in the storylines but still appeared some and last year, he was beat up by Nexus and put in a coma.

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  • cheesehandler

    who gives a shit about reno gettin axed…axe em again i say

  • Seth

    @Bigg EZ. You don’t really believe that HHH wouldn’t give himself a title reign if he was running things do you?


    Vinnie Mac will be back. Triple H isn’t ready to take the reins yet. He’ll probably want one last title run first.

  • venom

    I like the way he writes himself off of tv. Do you think this will be his last appearance?

  • Snark Mark

    Gotta love Vince’s playful nature. For all the crap he gets for making performers do stupid story lines, he has subjected himself to the worst.

  • sammy

    i think if vince leaves for real wwe will suffer

  • The Cock that Walks

    Vince is already dead! Has been for years.

  • kewk

    ^^ what he said

  • rick

    Vince Mcmahon will never die.

  • charlie

    Wtf I live in reno it a major city make up for it buy having a live show