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Backstage News on Vince & Punk for RAW, More Photos from AJ

– Here are photos from AJ Lee of day 3 in Norfolk, Virginia with the Troops. Mick Foley appears with a white beard because of the Santa Claus documentary he filmed for last week.

aj troops day3 1

aj troops day3 2

– As of this weekend, both CM Punk and Vince McMahon were scheduled for Monday’s RAW in Newark, New Jersey. There has been a lot of tension over the past week coming off the bad RAW rating, for a show that Vince was on, and Punk’s knee injury.

Punk is able to walk but they may do something like the Bret Hart wheelchair angle from 1997 where Hart had surgery and was wheeled around on RAW.

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  • In the 2nd pic, if u look real close aj look like she can be attach to cena on his shirt.

  • RPM

    kane in jeans and a tshirt? haha

  • ice-cream bar SUPERstar

    Flair being GM might be more entertaining, but it will do fuck all for the ratings. He is not a draw anymore.

  • Jon-Jon

    If Flair became the GM then ratings would easily bump up. Vickie is annoying now, and she’s run her course. She surprised a lot of people when she became such a hot character after only being hired because of Eddie’s death, but she just needs to be let go at this point. Continue to pay her, but let her just go home to her family. She’s done her thing long enough. Flair is still a draw as long as he’s not in the ring.

  • damkat

    Maybe if vince did something on raw it might help ratings, he did the same crap with Vicki the last time as well. how about this fire her and bring in flair as GM…ratings winner.