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Backstage News from This Week’s RAW, WWE Not Wanting Fans to Boo Triple H

– As noted before, Vince McMahon was in a very bad mood at RAW two weeks ago in Cleveland, Ohio. Some speculated that what set Vince off was when Alberto Del Rio name-dropped him in a promo. Sources say that while Vince was absolutely mad at Del Rio for the promo, he was mad at everyone in general and didn’t treat Del Rio any worse than other people.

The promo that mentioned Vince by name actually was approved by McMahon himself and others in charge. Vince didn’t want his name mentioned on TV until he returns as the idea is for people to think he’s gone for good, so when he does re-appear it will be a surprise. Vince felt that Del Rio ruined that.

Vince’s name was originally put in the promo to establish Triple H as not being an emissary of Vince’s and to get him over as a babyface. There was a fear that because Punk is so over with the fans, people were booing Triple H and officials didn’t want that.

WWE producer Kevin Dunn was also in a bad mood but it’s said when Vince is that upset and takes it out on Dunn, he gets in that mood also.

Things were reportedly way better at this week’s RAW. Word is that Vince and Dunn both thought Michael Cole’s line about Jerry Lawler having anal bleeding was one of his funniest lines. They were even happier when the term “anal bleeding” was trending on Twitter.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • voice of reason

    @ic-y if i ever brought it up before please tell me until then i’m pretty sure this was the first time i ever brought up the whole michael cole thing

  • voice of reason

    @ ic-y that was the first time i brought the topic up

  • Ic-Y

    @voice of reason Your still on Cole disrespecting Jerry’s mom? Did everybody forget when Orton said Eddie was in hell cause I sure as hell didn’t.


    ANAL BLEEDING! That shit was funny and tje look on Cole’s face when he said it was priceless.

  • stockshark

    So how long is it going to be before the WWE just does away with a live crowd and hire actors to play a live crowd or plant actors in the crowd UNIVERSE to cheer for who and what Vince whats them to. That way Vince can have complete control?

  • voice of reason

    telling people not to boo hhh is a joke they take sign people make & now they are telling people not to boo hunter is his vanity that easily broken

    & the whole anal bleeding thing is just crass michael cole is just a cretan he interfers with jerry’s matches before mania & he cheats to win at mania he gets his son to come out & air personal family business & then he hangs shit on the man just after his mum dies i don’t like michael mole i really don’t it’s people like jerry & the many others that have built the business through blood sweat & tears so michael mole can have a job today.

    i think michael mole should show jerry lawler a shitload of respect the man has most definately earned it

  • scsa852k

    Is this a legit source or complete imagination of a no life?

  • venom


    I was thinking of the same thing. lol.

    @Steve P

    I was thinking he was being booked as a heel until he fired Nash. I still think he will make a heel turn sometime soon.

  • Trixie

    how the fuck is anal bleeding funny? Especially the way cole said it. It’s not like he said it in any way comedically.

  • d

    Who in the wwe has it in 4 the king 1st you have him lose to cole at mania then they had cole talk about his mom right after she passed away and now you tell everyone he’s suffering from anal bleeding and think its funny ?

  • Stevie P

    Plus, Trips has been acting kind of douchebaggy lately. I’m already starting to see him as more of a heel than as a face.

  • Devil_Rising

    Isn’t it up to the fans who they want to boo or not?

  • SusyRko

    hahah vince, I think that Cole was remembering the times that he had with heindenrich

  • phoenix

    That’s what I was thinking Valo487. If you want people to cheer for him put his face time with Cody Rhodes or D.Zigg.

  • Valo487

    You want people not to boo Triple H? Don’t book him against a guy who is massively over morons.

  • Seth

    Got me CC, you’ve got me.

  • Controversy = Cash

    How the hell is that funny?