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Backstage News on the World Heavyweight Title Match at WrestleMania 28

– As seen at WrestleMania 28 tonight, Sheamus became the World Heavyweight Champion by defeating Daniel Bryan in the opening match. Sheamus won in just 18 seconds with a Brogue Kick. reports that the plan was for them to beat the Kane vs. Chavo Guerrero record for shortest match a few years ago but they didn’t beat it. The short title change had apparently been planned for a while but there were people in WWE trying to get it changed.

  • ogitchida


  • Flip

    Bryan deserved at least a twenty minute match and so did sheamus but because Bryan wasn’t Vince made he doesn’t get it that’s bull shit

  • JD

    I can’t believe anyone was actually looking forward to this match. I would have rather had Sheamus win in record time than to actually sit through a 20-minute Sheamus match.

  • Devil_Rising

    And now poor Bryan Danielson will go on to flounder in the mid-card within a year, while boring ass giant Sheamus will be pushed to the moon. Yay.

  • moo

    pretty much spitting in your face if you like wrestling. with this whole d.brayan deal. If I was d.bryan I would have done a Stone Cold and snuck off with the title, take a plane to Japan and start a real wrestling career there.

  • graham

    A total and utter discrase. Bryan and seamus have worked there balls off. Bryan gimmick was going so well and for him to lose like that, is stupid. And I’m sick people are saying mania was amazing, it wasn’t great. Why is taker suddentl a pussy who can’t take a chair shot? Why does someone like brodus clay who is dreadful get on tv? Vince is a legend but let’s not forget an awful lot of the concepts that made wwe succesful were not his. I just think wwe sucks at the moment with certain things bryan is the best in the world.

  • Wellsy

    I thought it was funny. It was definitely unexpected! I’d have liked to have seen a longer better match. Hell, I’d have liked to have seen a lack of Maria what’s-her-face (and what looked like skid marks on her arse after stink facing Eve and getting make-up all over it!). But this happens sometimes. It got a great response from the crowd at the time and garnered huge attention (even if it was negative).

    I wish they’d chosen The Rock/Cena to do that though as that match was awful!

  • nnac

    result of the royal rumble is becoming more of a joke every year

  • Little Jimmy

    WWE had a good match on their hands. I understand if it was a Heath Slater VS The Great Khali squash match because nobody cares about that sort of match. But Sheamus & DBryan Come On!!!??? It should of lasted 15 Minutes Minimum Cause they have the ability to pull off a great match. I agree with BMB, Last year was a kick in the teeth for both guys and you would of thought this was WWE’s way of making up for it but clearly not.

  • “Bad Man” Bigelow

    This isn’t about Bryan losing at all (I think Sheamus should have won). This is about the fans being robbed of a potential great match at Wrestlemania for no good reason whatsoever. This is as bad as bumping them last year, hell, it’s like they bumped them out of having a match again.

  • Jon-Jon

    Bryan spent all the money on a new jacket to lose in 18 seconds.

  • rich

    What really pisses me off is that leading up to Wrestlemania, Byrans always ran from Shamus or found some way to cower away from fighting. Now we finally get to see them fight, and it was just a fucking Brogue kick. They spend all this time building hype for this match and this is what they give to the fans. And think about Shamus and Bryans. This is the 2nd Wrestlmania where they got shafted.

  • Nicholas

    Man listen to the Bryan cry babies on the internet. This doesn’t hurt Bryan what so every he has come a long way since becoming World champion. But this does help Smackdown which badly needs a strong face as champion. Bryan will have better Wrestlmania matches they just need a strong champion for Smackdown.

  • adam

    That was bullshit. Bryan danielson is one of the best wreslters they have in this company and they treated him like shit on the Biggest stage of the year. I mean have him lose i could understand that but not in 18 seconds that is humilating and uncalled for.

  • Marc

    Considering this match was being hyped for months since Sheamus won the Rumble in January I was disappointed with the length of the match especially when it leads the PPV. AJ’s kiss to Bryan lasted longer then the match itself.

  • Hagaha

    Really after watching the last three matches i really cant blame WWE because o actually like this years wrestlemania i mean i didnt wanted to watch undertaker vs hhh again but after tonight wow i mean wow and wow so who cares of mr liquid papers match being 20 seconds!

  • Buncha Ballrubbers

    I think they should make Stephanie McMahon-Leveque’s boobs the champion! Everyone, including the Divas, would love to get their hands on that!

  • Howe

    Snark, don’t blame this on the vets. Blame this on Vince and the bookers. Things could have easily been moved around for this.

  • LVW

    Is that how you “main event” Wrestlemania………………..with a 17 second match…………..didn’t think so.

  • Stevie P

    So their intent was to make it the worst Wrestlemania title match ever? Well, they succeeded.

  • Snark Mark

    I can’t imagine how utterly pissed both Daniels and Sheamus must feel right now. Last year they were bumped for a Cole/King match. This year they were the WHC match and they were essentially bumped for rappers prior to the Cena/Rock match and Brodus Clay.

    People will be talking about HHH/Taker HIAC for awhile, but that still doesn’t excuse this bs. I can think of no clearer example of over-the-hill top talent refusing to step aside and give the spotlight to the up-and-comers than WM28. Damn shame.

  • Chael Sonnen: True Middleweight Champion

    It really didn’t bother me that the World Title match was so short. I’m just glad that this year’s Mania totally made up for that train wreck from last year.

  • Buncha Ballrubbers

    I think they should make Stephanie McMahon-Leveque’s boobs the world champion! Everyone, including the Divas, would love to get their hands on that!

  • Pig

    At least Hardy was on a trip at the time!

  • Jon

    I was really disappointed in how this match played out. I didn’t expect the match to steal the show but I definitely thought it could be a good solid match to kick off the show. Instead they didn’t even give either guy a chance to do anything.

  • jim

    this was one of the two matches i was looking forward to the other being punk vs jericho i woke up this morning and was thinking about ordering.but as the day went on i said to myself dont do it it will be like always a big disappointment looks like my conscience was right again

  • Logan

    Doesn’t this match just make Bryan Danielson’s title run pointless?

  • Jon-Jon

    That match was shorter than Sting/Hardy..

  • This Guy

    I dont think thats something to be proud of espcially at a Wrestle Mania where some people pay good $$ to see a decent match between the two of them

  • Jon-Jon

    So WWE wanted to see if they were shitty enough to have the shortest Mania match ever? Guess they’re too good for that. Hmmmmm… WON EARTH COULD’VE PREDICTED THAT!! (sarcasm)

  • Men on a Mission

    This still doesn’t explain WHY it happened. I would have expected it to say Bryan was injured, or is being future-endeavored or something. I think the fans are pissed.