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Backstage News on the World Heavyweight Title Changes at WWE TLC

– WWE booked the World Heavyweight Title changes at tonight’s TLC pay-per-view because former champion Mark Henry is injured.

Henry is reportedly suffering from a pull in his groin area, which apparently happened during his match against John Cena on RAW. Henry the injury checked out and it was worse than originally thought.

Word is that most of the WWE creative team wanted to allow Henry to work a light schedule so he could let the injury heal but Vince McMahon decided to book the title changes.


  • grizz

    Bryan as heavy weight champion, what a joke, him and Rey should start a midgets division. I hope Mark regains his title real soon.

  • venom

    I wonder if Henry will be back in time for Mania.

  • Bawb

    Haha I got so many dislikes for my comment about Henry being injury prone. Hey, I think he’s a good heel and he’s been doing just fine since he came up with the Nation and Sexual Chocolate. I like Mark Henry. But does anyone remember how delayed his showdown with Batista was and how dragged out his rivalry was with him because he was injured so much? For those who haven’t seen it/remembered it, no worries, it’s in a Botchamania.

  • Edo. Risk

    I love the idea of Danielson the WHC, but i kind of hoped he got it via the Big Door, not an oportunistic way. And worst, from Big Show’s character who suported him.

  • RUSTanator

    titles shouldnt change hands, then change hands again in a matter of seconds.

    henry should have retained, then daniel cash in.

  • liam

    feel sorry for henry because he might never be champion again over an injury.

    Wat i dont get about bryan becomeing world champion is that on smackdown he got beat by the IC champ cody rhodes, if he cant beat cody how can we believe hes gonna beat the likes of john cena and orton in the future?

    i think theres more to it, maybe they might do a angle were big show wasent standing up when the bell rang so he has to earn the title again. therefore still having the briefcase.

  • ##

    Henry entered his own house of pain LOL

  • Bitch Nig

    I’m black..and HENRY F’N SUCKS!

  • RawisWar

    Is the competitor suppose to be up on his feet when you cash in the briefcase? IM sure Edge, CM Punk & even Miz had to wait til champion got up b4 they could official cash in and win the title… which makes it even more of a pathetic of a win.

  • nin

    rko ur still the biggest racist kkk moron ever hope u burn sum day wit all ur i hate blacks crap u put on here

  • MJ

    Mark henry was a great champion! Ever since he became champion smackdown’s ratings have gone up and when randy orton was the world champion twice this year the ratings went DOWN!

  • CM Mark

    Well deserved for D Bryan. Big Show can’t hold the title, he can’t cut a promo to save his life, and I get the feeling he just can’t work that schedule. I agree he deserved to have it for a little while though. His fued with Henry has been pretty good for the most part, lacking any real memorable promo material though.

    Bryan won’t have it long, so I wouldn’t worry too much about it.

  • Epic

    Vince noob go to hell .

  • CM Prick

    Having Big Show win the title only to lose it a minute later is about as pointless as a Zach Gowen action figure.

  • Bawb

    The World’s Strongest Man is the World’s Most Injury-Prone Man.

  • nick

    wat a joke of a title win… bryan could of had a much more epic win than that.

  • Bill

    As much as I love D. Bryan, I honestly thing Big Show should’ve kept the title. Barrett should’ve won his match at TLC, get a title shot at RR, win, then hold on to the WHC until WM, where he’d lose it to Bryan in an amazing match. Won’t be suprised if Orton ends up with it at WM now.

  • rko

    Good call Vince. It’s about time. Henry is a boring champion.