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Backstage News on the World Title, Latest WWE Backstage Fallout

– Below is the latest episode of WWE Backstage Fallout from SmackDown:

– While Big Show captured the World Heavyweight Title from Sheamus at Hell In a Cell, it’s said that Randy Orton and Dolph Ziggler will dominate the World Title picture in early 2013.

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  • Dan

    @Jefferson- You’re point about Evolution is what I was saying though, the leader getting attacked shouldn’t turn the leader face as he’s the main heel of the stable, so those taking him out should be the ones getting cheered. If a lower member gets attacked by the group then it makes more sense for him to be a face, as he’ll now be seen as an underdog and the top heel of the group will still be around.

  • Jefferson D’Arcy

    @ Dan

    Not necessarily. Evolution (a heel stable) turned on one of their own, and funny enough it was also Randy Orton, and that turned Orton face. Although Triple H was the leader, not Orton. But still, a heel group attacked one of their own, effectively turning him face. Batista did the traditional face turn of having enough of the heels’ bullshit, mainly Triple H’s, then beating him at WM21. But Orton’s first face run in ’04 was horrible. It just didn’t suit him. And I can totally see Orton/Ziggler in ’13 being like the feud Orton had with Christian last year, meaning Ziggler will get made to look like a pussy the WHOLE time no matter if he has the title or not.

    And that’s a crock. I’m sick of Orton being untouchable. And if he does a job, he gets his win back the next night, or later that week. And then beats the guy some more. Look at Kane and Christian with their recent feuds with Orton. Del Rio too. It’s sickening. I’d much rather see a long, athletic contest without a bullshit finish for once. I’m not pushing for Ziggler to win the World title, but he has the case, and he’ll have to at some point. And I’d much rather see Ziggler on top, than Orton.

  • Little Jimmy

    I’d like Jericho to return and be in the World Title Hunt as it he’s more valuable to SD than RAW, Christian to be involved. I’m sorry but Sheamus, ADR & Big Show are just too boring.

  • Dan

    Its odd how Dibiase and Rhodes turning on Orton made him a face though. How often do you see the leader of a heel stable get turned on and become a face? Usually its the ones that have had enough that are the faces.

  • ashterk

    If its said Dolph and Orton will Dominate the world title division chances r Dolph and Orton will probably both hold the title an equal amount of times b4 the end of 2013. And chances are Wade Barrett will win the SD MITB and probably cash in on Orton depending of which of them is face.

  • I wouldn’t be surprised if dolph face orton at wrestlemania 29 and orton hits rko and win in less than 18 seconds. I hope not but I see this happening.

  • Q

    I think Orton’s face turn started when DiBiase and Rhodes were plotting against him, so they made them look like heels- which in turn made Orton a face. At the time everyone was hoping for a solo DiBiase-Orton feud. Crazy where his career is now.

  • Dan

    I don’t remember Orton actually doing anything to signify his face turn, I just remember the crowd kept cheering him even though he was heel. And if Orton and Ziggler are to feud over the title, keep Orton face for that feud (Ziggler is great as the cocky heel and will surely be better with the belt to further justify his cockiness), then Orton can lose a #1 contenders match and get pissed to turn heel.

  • Stevie P

    If memory serves me right, nWo and DX BOTH started as heel stables and weren’t they the most over guys of all time? Flair was a heel most of his career and he made himself that way. The Rock was such a great heel people starting cheering for him (like myself). Orton can (and should) be a heel.

  • Mike Oxafloppin

    Your comment makes perfect sense but it seems that Vince has forgotten heels are also way over with the fans, more so the older fans. They need an uber heel like Triple H was in the early 2000s that is so hated people will invest in the pay per views just to see him lose.

  • poko

    It would surprise me if they turned Orton heel. I don’t know why, but he’s probably the most popular face in the WWE. It’s a shame, as he’s better as a heel, but the WWE is kind of desperate for people who are over with the fans.

  • xXx

    oh god, either orton remains face or ziggler turns face and loses to orton forever

  • Man

    I cant wait for Ziggler to be champion

  • Stevie P

    What Jimbo said with WWE having 5 consecutive PPVs of Orton/Ziggler with Ziggler losing them all.

  • Jimbo

    You mean Ziggler will finally win it, then drop it to Orton the following week.

  • Hasan

    Orton better be heel by then or GTFO!