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Backstage News on How WWE Is Booking Paige and What Officials Are Preparing Her For

– WWE is booking Divas Champion Paige against a number of low-level heels because there’s a feeling that the WWE audience needs to get to know her, understand who she is and find a reason to get behind her.

By her wrestling Divas like Aksana and Alicia Fox, officials feel that she will have a chance to develop in front of fans so she will then be ready for pay-per-view matches like the one with Tamina Snuka at Extreme Rules and bigger matches to come.

Source: PWInsider

  • Catgravy vs. Doggravy

    TO CC (Shawn):
    I also am in the U.K. but this summer I plan on visiting the U.S.A., the S.O.B., the N.W.O., the W.W.E., the W.C.W., the W.W.F., the B.W.O., the E.C.W. and I plan on doing this all with Hotrod Roddy Piper. (H.R.P.)

  • The Killswitch

    I do find it odd that they would put the title on her on her Raw debut if they want us to get to know her more. It couldn’t have been put on a more promising new star, however.

  • Timothy Davis

    Also, I agree about Alicia Fox. She is damn talented and nice to look at. She needs more love.

  • Timothy Davis

    The pop for her was huge but it makes sense to take their time with her. I mean Emma is LOVED at NXT by the fans but on Raw no one really seems to care yet. The real fans know who they are but casual fans really dont.

  • CC

    you say that, but world wide she is unknown because NXT is not shown everywhere. and if its online, most families and younger kids wont be watching it.
    Only reason people like me know who she is is because I am a fan of the indy scene here in the UK. You have to think of the bigger picture outside the USA.

  • nick-hulk

    So NXT is the future is what were told… but they feel the need to build/introduce the womens champion to the universe cause shes now divas champ. Build her for big matches like the one with Tamina, you mean get her ready to carry a match with Tamina; she full of potential, but always looks awkward in ring and Ive not known some1 under the same name to have so many repackages

  • DanielsonFan

    Dude i’ve been saying this a while about Fox, she’s a really gooin ring females worker

  • Shawn OB

    I think Alicia Fox is pretty damn entertaining. And I think Aksana is mega hot.

  • Shawn Bronald

    I understand what WWE is doing and can’t fault their logic, but they really underestimate their fan-base. Did they not hear the pop she got when she debuted? The fans know who she is and what she can do and they’re behind her. Either way, it’s good to build her up a bit before real competition. Oh…. wait… we’re talking the Diva’s division, there is no real competition.