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Backstage News on the WWE Divas Title and The Rock & Cena’s Match at Survivor Series

– Beth Phoenix was originally scheduled to win the WWE Divas Title in her hometown of Buffalo, NY at the Night of Champions pay-per-view. The decision was changed because there’s a feeling that Kelly Kelly is starting to get over as champion.

– As noted before, WWE officials had been discussing putting CM Punk, Sheamus and one other Superstar with The Rock and John Cena to take on 5 heel Superstars, led by Alberto Del Rio, at the Survivor Series pay-per-view.

There was talk this past week of not including Punk or Del Rio in the match. There’s still no solid word yet on which Superstars will make the teams up.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Stockton Joe

    Kelly Kelly has no mic skills, and no in-ring skills. So I guess “there‚Äôs a feeling that Kelly Kelly is starting to get over as champion,” is WWE-ese for “Kelly Kelly is sitting on somebody’s lap.”

  • Do u guys really think wwe is gonna have team cena vs team rock? Is definetly gonna be cena and the rock as the soul survivors to end the guys always bitch about wwe being so predictable, and this is the most obvious angle

  • Joe Thunder

    Can’t wait for the Survivor Series; hopefully we see more than one traditional elimination match on the card.

  • Jabjab

    Yoshi tatsu cena d bry Morrison Vs rock jericho , mick foley and gabriel

  • edge-3000

    Team Anti- Cena vs Team Anti- Rock

  • poko

    Aw, did I hurt your feelings somehow? I’m sowwy. It seems you take it personally if someone else doesn’t like your favorite wrestler, so I’ll be more considerate in the future. That good? All better? Now dry your eyes and try to be a big boy, OK?

    Holy god, princess.

  • Edo. Risk

    She will get over with the kids if she keeps wining like Cena. At least shes suprisingly wining, not Superhuman wining.

    But isnt the angle of the Divas of Doom, sopose to have them dominating the divition???? So today dominating is Jobing????

    I wander what would happend to the kids, if Cena started loosing clean????

  • Seth


  • The Fork on the left

    I say cena drops the belt to Del Rio after kevin nash jumps in, then its Punk vs Del Rio at SS for the main event

  • Thomas

    Poko maybe you should go and shove your head up someones ass please ALL ASS

  • kirby4321

    LMAO! If they think Kelly is getting over as champ. She never wil. Those creative writers must not know what to do anymore if they think she is.

    Just give the title to Beth so it could have some meaning and send Kelly Kelly along with the Bella Twins to go train sum more! And Rosa Mendes while there at it lol.

  • Jason

    I had to read that twice just to make sure. Paragraph 3 is covered in paragraph 2. WTF ? Proofread before you post. Especially if you cut & paste.

    Here’s an example (which didnt happen but its like WWE creative)

    I went to the bathroom this morning and nearly overflowed the toilet.

    At this point it’s unclear if the toilet overflowed.

    REALLY ???? LOL

  • MrDr3w

    I’d put money on Triple H never wrestling again. He’s a suit now. Nash is old, and he has bad knees. He won’t wrestle either. It’ll be Team Triple H vs. Team Laryngitis at Survivor Series.

    Team HHH: Cena, Rock, Orton, Sheamus, and Punk
    Team Laryngitis: Henry, Christian, Del Rio, Miz, and Truth.

  • nick

    john cena, randy orton, cm punk, sheamus, alberto del rio


    the rock, mark henry, triple h, christian, kevin nash

  • venom


    That doesn’t make Cena a heel, he’s a face.

  • jimbobjoe

    i dont want kelly kelly tro get over with me i want her to get under me but in reality tho she sucks she walks all the way down the ramp holdin the belt in the air

  • BuckieKid

    kevin nash got to be in the match against rock n cena

  • Matt


    Last time I checked, Cena gets booed out of the arena every single night. Well, except for kids, but they don’t really count.

  • mark

    He isnt , well not yet. Rock And Cena teaming up

  • venom

    Last time I checked. Cena is a face.

  • Chris

    If WWE officials think she’s getting over as champ, then they really haven’t been to any of the shows. People constantly boo her in house shows and Cher for either Nattie or Beth. People are getting sick of her botched moves and then having her mouth off that she’s more than just a model and can wrestle. Now Eve, she’s beautiful and can wrestle…she should be the champ over Kelly.

  • Jay EZ

    Cena, Rock, Orton, CM Punk, & Sheamus


    Mark Henry, Del Rio, Christian, The Miz, & R-Truth

    That’s my picks.

  • wAnxTa

    Zack Ryder is Team Cena

  • poko

    Why not just have John Cena squash five heels? I say that as a joke, but it just might happen.

    The only way Kelly Kelly could get over with me is if she turned heel and started cheating to win, kind of in a Beautiful People way. Although she has no charisma on the mic, so that might not work. Screw it, I just want her gone.

  • Hunter

    Team Cena: Cena, Triple H, Kevin Nash, Miz and R Truth
    Team Rock: Rock, CM Punk, Kofi, Bourne, and Zack fucking Ryder

    Since when was Cena heel?

  • Edo. Risk

    So Rock is gona team up with a guy that calls him the bigest suck up in WWE history… THATS MAKES PERFECT SENCE!

    Make it Team Bring It vs. Teen Cenation. Either ROCK or CENA wont wrestle they i;ll tile managers or captains in the corner keep ROCK for WM.


    If Kelly Kelly can get over as Divas Champ then the fans really are stupid cause she looks stupid, is shit in the ring and makes John Morrisons mic skills look good. Future Endeavor her!

  • Effmenow

    The match should be Teams Cena vs. Team Rock being the main event

    Team Cena: Cena, Triple H, Kevin Nash, Miz and R Truth
    Team Rock: Rock, CM Punk, Kofi, Bourne, and Zack fucking Ryder