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Backstage News on the WWE Divas Title Storyline and Kharma’s Return to Action

– While Beth Phoenix appeared to be legitimately injured on last night’s RAW Supershow, the plan for her to drop the Divas Title to Nikki Bella goes back a few weeks.

The idea was to get the Divas Title off of Beth Phoenix so Kharma can get the belt without facing Phoenix first. The plan as of a few days ago was for Nikki to win the title, likely at Extreme Rules, and then get destroyed by Kharma the next night on RAW. Obviously plans were moved up and the title change happened on RAW last night. Kharma destroying Nikki Bella for the Divas Title would have brought her back into the storylines as a dominant force and would have ended the Kharma-Bella storyline that began last year.

Even though Nikki won the title last night, PWInsider reports that nothing new has been said about The Bella Twins leaving WWE at the end of this month. It’s still possible that they came to terms on a new deal but that’s not the word going around.

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  • Seth

    I can name just as many talented women wrestlers as I can male wrestlers in TNA, and I don’t watch it. TNA has a good women’s division, it’s the others who should be driving the company.

  • Seth

    “The Bellas are getting to be good wrestlers now.” Those nine words sum up what is wrong with the women’s division in WWE. Nothing more I can add.

  • LSC

    @Jason: Yeah trust what Gail Kim says…because she hasn’t been bashing WWE after she left

  • The Ryder Revolution

    The Bellas are getting to be good wrestlers now, jason wishes beth would go to tna but not happening….she wont get pushed if she goes there everyone will forget who she is if she left for tna like most people forget TNA is around

  • Ant

    @jason…where do u get your information from? beth isnt leaving the wwe dude

  • Dave

    Loved those matching cameltoes of the Bellas outfits.

  • Jason

    Beth’s contract comes up in June and Gail has said Beth is wanting to leave once that happens. What a sucky way for Beth to go out

  • Bad Man Bigelow

    Maybe Kharma will “take out” the Bellas for good like she had hinted at last year.

  • Devil_Rising

    @ryder revolution


    Are they hot? Yes. Are they worth anything else to the wrestling business other than that? No. Are they annoying and a waste of space? Yes.

  • Ant

    if kharma coming back means destroying the bella twins and winning the divas title to feud with beth pheonix or possibly natayla then im all for it..cant wait to see if she comes back at extreme rules

  • The Ryder Revolution

    Please keep the bellas