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Backstage News on WWE Officials Being Upset at the Reddit Leaks and Deadspin Report

– In regards to the story from Monday about a Redditor leaking WWE pay-per-view spoilers, WWE sources note that the company has known about the leaks for some time now. They are aware they have a major leak and officials are getting more aggravated.

The story that came out on yesterday has the company even madder about the leaks. One source notes that WWE is more than likely dealing with more than one “mole” at the top of their ranks. Stopping all leaks from the company would be next to impossible.

WWE issued a statement to Deadspin, downplaying the leaks:

“We may have a modern day Nostradamus on our hands. We might have to monitor these posts in advance of our next pay-per-view to see how good he or she really is.”

Partial source:

  • Solid

    Yeah, and since the ref has an earpiece, if you wanted to tell him you can just do it when he’s out there, no time for him to mention it to anyone casually or otherwise.

  • Jeff Wurtz

    Why? Maybe the running time but if the ref doesn’t know the winner it would add one more element of unpredictability.

  • StocktonJoe

    5 people. The Ref needs to know the true outcome and the running time for the match.

  • StocktonJoe

    I’ve been watching less and less WWE (and pro wrestling in general) lately. Why? Because after 40-odd years (some odder than others) it’s become so darn predictable. I didn’t buy MITB this year, but when I looked at the results here on this site, I correctly called all but one of the matches.

  • oppa

    Some of the shows are so predictable that you don’t need leaks.

  • ddfindl

    Yeah, but people talk.

  • Jeff Wurtz

    Really there only needs to be 4 people that know the true outcome. The two wrestlers, Vince, the head writer.

  • d_pooch

    Yes. Or just change the script at the last possible minute.

  • Solid

    Easy, you give different people different match outcomes, the one that gets out is your leak.