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Backstage News on WWE Pushing Daniel Bryan as a Top Star

– In response to a recent report that there are higher-ups in WWE that believe Daniel Bryan isn’t really as over as his “yes!” chant and that there was a lot of concern over his future as a top star, it’s said that everything is still planned for Bryan to be the #2 guy behind John Cena for the foreseeable future.

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  • TheFizPop

    This constant Cena loving/protecting BS is most of the reason he’s in the situation he’s in! Cena will never get the credit he deserves, whilst he wrestles, only when these totally original and expert ‘haterZ’ grow up, will they understand! I’m no Cena fanboy, but i employ common sense and business knowledge

  • Mark Webb

    like i said dont hate cena but why does he have to be number one even if he doesnt have title he is constantly shoved in our face while more talented and way over stars r still looked as behind him defies logic if u ask me

  • Mark Webb

    why was my comment not posted grr

  • Mike Wells

    Yet John Cena is over at all?

  • TheShieldLovesVag

    No, #1 will be Roman Reigns. Believe That!