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Backstage News on WWE Pushing Roman Reigns as a Top Guy and Plans Before Moving On

– With WWE currently booking Roman Reigns as one of the top guys in a big way, it’s said that his ascension to the top likely would have been a slower one if Daniel Bryan was healthy and still WWE World Heavyweight Champion with John Cena as the other top guy.

Coming out of The Shield vs. Evolution feud and the split with The Shield, the idea is that Reigns will work a feud with Orton and maybe a big pay-per-view match with Triple H before moving on.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Shivers316

    Reigns has stepped it up in a big way, in my opinion. When I learned they would be pushing him, I had a lot of doubts. But, I can truly say I’ve become a fan.

  • TheTruthHasSetMeFree

    Are you kidding? It sounds good in the WWE fan’s mind, but in WWE’s mind it’s the perfect for them to get Cena’s Shovel another victim.

  • The Killswitch

    This is still a thing?

  • jedi

    HHH vs Reigns at mania! Not a fan of it but HHH always needs to nose his way into a payday!!

  • Solid Snake

    i think id rather see Reigns vs Lesner I think they could hold off on him vs Cena, i think its still to early for that. I rather have Lesner put Cena out of commission for a while, have Lesner take the title off of Cena at summerslam. Let Lesner carry the title Dominantly until Wrestlemania. Have reigns win the Rumble and go on to main event mania against Lesner. As for Cena he returns at Mania fighting someone but not in the main event, word is The Undertaker isnt done maybe they could still have that match. idk just a thought.

  • Anthony

    I have to say Reigns vs. Cena for the championship would be awesome! Id love to see that happen!

  • Joe Sweat

    I think Reigns VS Cena would be a more entertaining build up and match honestly. That’s only because they could spin it that if Reigns wins, that means he’s proven himself as the guy who passes Cena. Could be interesting. Reigns VS Lesnar sounds good on paper, but I don’t know if it would be as entertaining getting to WM with that match.

  • Shawn Bronald

    Which would be a bigger match at WrestleMania 31…… Reigns vs Lesnar for the title or Reigns vs Cena for the title? Both are WrestleMania worthy, but you can only have one match this year (and no, WWE, you CANNOT make it a Triple Threat match).

  • TheFirstKing