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Backstage News on WWE’s Decision to Have the Sin Cara Mask vs. Mask Match

– As noted last week, WWE officials went back and forth on whether or not to hold the Mask vs. Mask match at last week’s SmackDown tapings in Mexico City.

Once they had announced it, the match was pulled and put back on the booking sheets about 3 times. At first, there was a feeling that they should hold it based on disappointing ticket sales, hoping that the match would draw. Someone brought up that the Mask match is the biggest thing they could do with Sin Cara and it should be done on a pay-per-view, not a taped TV show. After discussion, the match was held because WWE had already announced it to fans.

Regarding the payoff from the Mask match between the two Sin Caras, it’s said that most were disappointed in it.


  • venom

    I think Sin Cara is doing okay. It’s not like they are burying him like Morrison.

  • The Great One

    @RON PAUL Yes he does, he is the biggest draw in the world supposedly before he came to WWE (according to wrestling observer)

  • Joe Isch
  • donners

    ‘Regarding the payoff from the Mask match between the two Sin Caras, it’s said that most were disappointed in it.’

    quick maths lesson:

    take 1 wrestler that nobody really cares about, multiply by 2, subtract the only interesting part of the gimmick, and divide that by the time given to promote it or get people interested = ratings.

  • Ron Paul

    Sin Cara does not draw.

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    I wouldn’t say till they have mic skills. I’m sure the build would have been fine if the other learned how to speak English. I don’t understand how the original Cara is going to survive in WWE with his opponent building the feud alone.

  • jimbo jones

    Already announced? On the bottom of a wwe event announcement, does it not say “card subject to change.”? As for the TV audience, you have a heel sin cara who could’ve attacked the face sin cara and post pone the match by canceling it due to the “injuries” sustained to the face cara.

  • JIR

    what do you expect without a good build up they should have waited until both had mic skills to promote it