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- The main goal of WWE doing a feud between The Shield and Evolution is to push Roman Reigns as a top player and to get him into a singles match against Triple H.

The match with Triple H is rumored for SummerSlam but word is that it could end up taking place at Hell In a Cell or Survivor Series if they decide to stretch it out longer.

Source: PWInsider

  • TOmC

    Mahal? O’Neal? Slater? … Clearly the two of you prefer ridiculous novelty over talent … not to mention that neither of you have the first clue about [pardon the reference] what is actually BEST for business.

    Might I suggest you subscribe to the WWE Network and search out matches featuring Bastion Booger . . . right up your alley.

  • Stock Shark

    Thankfully he looks like a real athletic not like that Goat Midget D-bag im mean D-bry!!

  • D2K

    So it’s ‘false’ that a storyline involving Triple H will not be milked and drawn out? That was his point. I personally don’t have a problem with it because ever boring stuff comes on I turn the channel or if the whole show is boring I simply turn it off, but it is also a fact the McMahon family have been camera hogs the majority of their careers.

    You can’t ignore one truth to highlight another.

  • D2K

    Not an accusation but just a question out of curiosity. Why do you spell Triple H with a lower-case “h” in the middle?

  • D2K

    Sandow, O’Neal, Kidd, Mahal, Slater, Miz, the Popcorn Guy, the guy selling merchandise, the turnbuckle, the white mouse, ANYONE besides those two beauties.

  • Jeff Wurtz

    Guys that have worked for it but are being shoved down. Ziggler. Barrett. Kofi. Putting Batista and Triple H in main events make people want to turn the channel

  • TheFizPop

    So, funny how people read a simple, yet TRUTHFUL statement, then run away with their thoughts, conjuring up all kinds of assumptions. You need to stop hanging out with Lil Jimmy, doing you no favours

  • TOmC

    Umm, no … He’s speaking the TRUTH. I seriously don’t know why people like you are always on your periods with regard to established/classic wrestlers continuing to perform.

  • TOmC

    And who, in YOUR “flavor of the month” wrestling fandom, do YOU think “deserves it?”

  • Jeff Wurtz

    The main goal for this feud is to get two has beens on tv and take time away from the guys who deserve it.

  • TheFizPop

    woah, soo much ASSertion and paranoia, yep, you’re a HhH mark alright!

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    What is your point. Did it not work out well for Danial Bryan. You haters have to cry about everything first your cry that HHH don’t put anybody over. Now he finally put guys over and you are still not happy. HHH has been doing this is whole wrestling career and this is what he does best. By the end of this feud Reigns is going to be huge. It works this is how young talent get put over of course most of the haters don’t get this but that ok I love HHH haters always crying about something.

  • TheFizPop

    If its involves HhH and main storylines, you can bet your a$$ it’ll be longed out, milked and stomped dry for as long as possible

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