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Backstage News on WWE’s New Social Media Features, Edge Expected for RAW, Natalya

– WWE Diva Natalya had a chunk of her hair pulled out by Tamina Snuka at last night’s WWE Supershow from Tucson, Arizona. Tamina won the match that saw Kaitlyn as special referee.

– WWE Hall of Famer Edge is expected to make an appearance at the 1,000th RAW on July 23rd.

– We’ve noted before several times how most people within WWE are not looking forward to RAW going three-hours this month and most believe it will be back to two-hours before 2012 is over. When news came out last week of the new “RAWactive” social media features, people backstage were groaning that the third hour of RAW is going to be made up of social media videos from fans and plugs for Twitter and the other WWE social media accounts. In other words, WWE added a third hour of RAW just to focus on social media.

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  • scooter

    @No name required
    FACT Chuck Norris fears Mark Henry!

  • Mark

    I think they shuld get the Angry Video Game Nerd or the Nostalgia Critic to come on and pick apart the storylines and different superstars, if Vince is tryig to internet relevant lol

  • No Name Required

    I wouldn’t mind some Chuck Norris jokes.

  • Buttercastle

    ^ oops accidentally thumbs downed that comment.

    But yeah, Vince thinks anything hip and trendy needs to be incorporated with their product so all the kids will fall on love with it. Soon they are gunna have a dubstep intro to RAW, have a ticker showing live tweets, and random Chuck Norris jokes.

  • scooter

    #fucksocialmedia #wewantwrestling

  • SYM

    Yes! This is Perfect! The Internet Wrestling Fans will Love this Idea and say “TNA would never do This! Who cares if they have 15 Minutes of Wrestling every match!” Vince McMahon is a GENUIS! -_-

  • Goatface

    Aren’t they going to announce a new GM on the 1,000 episode of raw? I think Edge would be a great fit.

  • Once you go Bryan, There’s No Point in Tryin’

    I like the pre-show idea better. Man WWE really is going the wrong way with this one.