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Backstage News on WWE’s Tag Team and Divas Divisions

– We noted back in August that people within WWE expected Triple H to put more focus on the tag team division when he takes over more of Vince McMahon’s duties and gets more power.

That change is coming now as the new focus that we’ve seen lately on tag teams comes straight from Triple H. They hope to have a credible tag team division before the year is over.

Back in August, the feeling was that more focus on tag teams would mean the Divas get put on the back burner. That doesn’t look to be the case as word is they have some significant things planned for the Divas division over the next few months.

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  • john

    WWE should loose the damn unified copper crappy cheap titles and bring the old ones! just have a set of titles on RAW and a set of titles on smackdown!! as for the divas well.. all that was is for everyone to have a piss break haha!

  • sam

    oviously the tag team division will never be as strong as it was in say early 2000s to about 2002 but they can certainly try

  • RPM

    they have a 3 hour show now how can they be doing less with it then they were 10 years ago.


    i agree wit the above comments but WWE love to slap single stars together so they can say THEY MADE THEM thats the reason KOW r not together(seen some of their matches on youtube for the 1st time couple days ago they good) but hopefully they can mos def get the divas divison at least halfway back to what it once was

  • byron

    More focus on the divas division? Does that mean they are going to be better trained wrestlers and not some wanna be wrestler that’s only there because of modeling experience?

  • Devil_Rising

    If they want a credible tag team division, for one thing they might want to not have such shitty looking copper belts. For another, they might want to actually HAVE some tag teams, and not just a couple of singles stars slapped together winning the titles all the time.

  • @RealAllen23 @Twitter

    AM I the only one that likes the Gabriel and Kidd Tag Team?

  • Kawika

    yea but they always say they want to boost both devisions. Hopefully this time they follow through and dont change there minds later. I miss the old days where the tag teams and females really meant something and had some great rivalries with real teams not just two people thrown together.

  • Albert

    This got me happy 🙂 about the divas division! great news!!!!!!

  • King

    i totally agree pete

  • Pete

    Well atleast the tag team division and divas are starting to make more appearances on tv since raw went 3 hours.