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Backstage News on Zack Ryder & CM Punk, JR on Dolph & Cody’s Futures, Miz

– The Miz will be appearing at Kmart in San Leandro, California on January 15th at 10am.

– A fan asked Jim Ross this weekend if Dolph Ziggler and Cody Rhodes would be World Champions in 2012. Ross replied:

“If not, they both should quit.”

– While it’s assumed that a lot of Zack Ryder’s current push comes from officials being impressed by what he’s done on his own, it’s said that CM Punk is mostly responsible. Punk has went to WWE management on numerous occasions and told them to get behind Ryder.

Partial source: PWInsider

  • Kamala’s Foot

    I would rather see Giant Gonzales rise from the dead and head butt everybody.

  • CM Prick

    I’d rather watch Dynamite Kid wheel his way through the arena and beat people with Zach Gowen’s other leg than see John Cena get another endless title reign.

  • AUSTIN316

    lol there were 2 people going at it debating if WWE was better than TNA or the other way around and I posted but their comments must of been removed lol, dont worry im not on no lil jimmy crack

  • No1Coleminer

    zomg, omg, wtf, ffs, seriously why is there talk of cena when his not even mentioned?? omg why is everything about cena?! we hate him sooo much we include him in every article to just bash him, cuz we all “hate” him that much, haha oh sweet sarcasm.

    exactly Bill people always assume they know the bizness cuz of these sites and hearsay. but whens the last time we heard cena is making demands? demanding to be champ? if other wrestlers stepped their shit up more, wwe could trust the belt on them

  • CC

    @Austin316. Firstly you comment seems to be totally unrelated to the news story and other peoples comments, but secondly Randy Orton is fucking boring, and should never be used as an example of a good wrestler, especially not when WWE has guys like Punk, Bryan and half a dozen or so other guys who are 100 times better than Borton.

  • Bill

    Cena supported Ryder, but didn’t use any backstage power to help him. Hell, he never uses backstage power, for good or bad. He’s no Hulk Hogan with a “creative control clause” in his contract.

  • yo

    ^ The hell does this have to do with the article?

  • AUSTIN316

    You cant say WWE is better than TNA or TNA is better than WWE, they are both good, WWE is obv more popular due to ratings, but TNA has better wrestlers than WWE such as Kurt Angle, And WWE has better wrestlers than TNA such as Randy Orton. They are both bad and good in their way, WWE’s biggest down is being pg, TNA’s biggest down is storylines for example

  • NO


  • NSN


  • Hasan

    What about Cena ?