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Backstage News on Ziggler Possibly Turning Babyface

– There has been a lot of internal talk about Dolph Ziggler’s future lately.

As noted, officials have discussed breaking Big E Langston away from Ziggler and AJ Lee but it sounds like he might stay with AJ. They are discussing this not because of a possible Langston face turn but because of a Ziggler babyface turn.

Vince McMahon has been changing his mind back and forth on Ziggler as a babyface but it’s more when and not if. A lot of people in the company feel that Ziggler will take off huge as a babyface when the call is made. The fact that Ziggler is already popular in the New York market is said to be influencing Vince’s decision.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • justin sane

    I’m ready to see Cena turn heel…

  • Scooter

    I think he has a natural arrogance that would make a face turn seem forced until it felt like a natrual progression. On the flip side though he takes insane bumps as it is and if he took all that punishment and made a comeback he could play the roll brilliantly.

  • robert joseph

    i think ziggler sucks, i think his show off gimmick is lame, and his ridiculous hair and stupid ass shaking thing he does, just cause he has more personality and goes over more than most of the roster doesnt mean hes good, that simply means hes the best out of a bunch of crap. sure athletically hes gifted and has physical prowess, but im grading him on the greats, rock, austin,hbk, and this guy just isnt at their level nor do i believe he could ever be. The guy just doesnt do it for me, he seems to for some people, but on the level of a cm punk, no he is not, hes not in that league. the guys been here for six years and hasnt even won the title yet,and that one he did win doesnt even count. For all his show stealing showboating i have never seen a ziggler match and been impressed,i dont even look forward to seeing his matches, he and miz arent even the kinds of heels you love to hate, just simply annoying.

  • CC

    Every wrestler should at some point play both sides of the coin when it comes to be being a heel or face, but its been too many heel to face switches recently. If it happens they need to wait a while as its far too soon considering the recent Miz and Del Rio face turns. If the Orton heel turn happens, then that will bolster the heel side somewhat, but if you heep turning all the best heels face, there are gonna be no heels of merit. Hell, it wasnt that long ago Kane & Bryan were swapped back to faces (or tweeners at least). Ziggler, Punk and The Shield are the only worthy heels right now. Guys like Big Show, Sandow, Rhodes and Langston are either way past their prime or nowhere near strong enough yet.

  • Jeff Wurtz

    Ziggler doesn’t need to be a face to be a crowd favorite Vince. The crowd loves to hate him. To me it’s similar to Corporate Rock. He was so over as a heel that it was crazy.

  • Jack

    No! No! No! Ziggler is a great heel! Don’t turn him into some bland babyface like the Miz! No!!!!!