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Backstage News on Ziggler’s World Title Win, The Rock Injury Update

– The Rock tweeted the following message revealing if he’ll need surgery to repair the injuries sustained at WrestleMania 29:

“Injury update: Dr’s & I elected not to reattach tendons to my pelvis. They’ll just scar up. Now I prep to shoot HERCULES #TheDemiGOD”

– Dolph Ziggler’s World Heavyweight Title win was not a result of WWE re-writing Monday’s RAW, according to PWInsider. Sources confirmed that the plan for several weeks was for Ziggler to cash in and win the title the day after WrestleMania. This was one of the reasons Ziggler had been losing so many matches, with the belief being it would create interest in those talents chasing him for the belt since “they can beat him.” Original plans called for Jack Swagger to carry the title however they were nixed quickly following his DUI arrest.

  • CC

    A fine and potential depush. Just like when they stripped the titles from RVD, and now reversed the decision on Swagger getting the title.

  • LoganSR71

    Don’t get why they didn’t have him cash in on WM, but whatever. Just glad he finally got the belt.

  • Dan

    Pot gets you a fine but no suspension, the synthetic pot (which Evan Bourne and Truth failed for) was believed to not show up on drug tests but in fact does and is classed as a wellness violation.

  • it was synthetic weed that is belived to be used to revrse other materials resolts or either it comes out as banned materials
    on another note zigler has sereved a 1st strike 30 days a few years ago

  • Irishrhyno

    If I remember,Im not 100% sure on this, Evan used synthetic weed which you can be suspended for but you cant for real weed

  • Jeff Wurtz

    How is pot not a wellness violation? Evan Bourne got suspended 30 days for it before he got hurt. The violation wasn’t enforced because Jack was in the WHC picture.

  • Dan

    Pot isn’t a Wellness Policy violation, however he still should be punished for his run in with the law.

  • I smell what The Rock is cooking. Smells like B.S.!

  • Pat

    yet he still has not been punished for the pot he had and whatnot, so they do not enforce the wellness policy anymore?