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Backstage Note on HHH-Punk, Foley Comments on Punk, The Rock & Zack Ryder

– While Chris Jericho didn’t have nice things to say after CM Punk mentioned him on Monday’s RAW, Mick Foley wrote the following on Twitter: “Hey, you guys weren’t kidding; @cmpunk really did give me a shout-out on @WWE#RAW ! I’m suddenly a big deal to my younger kids -thanks Punk!”

– Zack Ryder wrote on Twitter Tuesday that he was informed he sold more t-shirts than The Rock at Monday’s RAW. The Rock replied to Ryder with the following: “@ZackRyder .. Hell yeah! Congrats. Keep kickin that ass bro (ski)! See you soon. #TheMotherf****nRock”

– It’s said that while WWE fully recognizes how hot CM Punk is right now and realizes his long-term potential, the real focus for the payoff of RAW’s top storyline will be putting Triple H over.

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  • Nicholas G

    HHH is not going to turn heel because to me it would hurt CM Punk more then help him. Why because everybody know how great of a heel HHH was an to me it would out shine Cm Punk. I am thinking soon HHH will not be on TV very much he going to go off sometime after Summerslam. An show up when people less expect it. HHH is going to be more stuff behind the camera then in front of it. Because HHH got a lot of other stuff happening outside the WWE.

    Also the other reason why HHH won’t turn heel is he is to far over with the fans. Now did he padigree Zack Ryder yes but his in ring wrestling career is not all together over yet. Still believe you will see HHH wrestling in the ring once in a while. But Ryder not or never will be a big deal in the WWE. Just another mid-card wrestler not really big threat in the WWE. An HHH was just stress out had to take out on somebody an I am willing to beat HHH got a big pop when he did it too. That is what would happen if HHH did that to CM Punk an Punk would lose his hot streak fast. Because HHH is still more popular in the WWE then even Cm Punk. Hate to say it but it is true.

  • Bill

    @Andy, that’s true, but I normally here the phrase “over with the fans” to describe a heel turning face or making someone a popular face, so that’s why I thought the way I did, but you understand what I’m saying, right?

  • kingof the south

    @ what or anyone else HHH will probly never again have to be put ove rin the ring again that is common knowledge to think anything else would be uncivilized

  • @Bill – being “over” doesn’t necessarily mean popular. He could still be a heel and be over – its all in getting the reaction. For example – the Miz is very over right now.

  • cheesehandler

    if they want us to take HHH seriously as COO he shouldnt be pedigreeing ryder

  • JIR

    Or they BOTH get even more over with the fans

  • ML

    If he really was in charge now instead of Vince I think he probably would want to be just called Paul Levesque instead of Triple H. But then again,Triple H is what people are more used to and it’s become his persona that people connect him to. But I still know it’s just part of the storyline to just test out how he would do if he were to be put in charge after Vince really does retire.

  • RPM

    If they were serious about he’d drop his ring name and just come out as himself.

  • Bill

    Why put him over with the fans? Turn him into the mega heel that Vince was. HHH said himself that he’s naturally a better heel in an interview I read a few years ago. Either way, this storyline is great.

  • CM Mark

    ROFL… Sorry I meant daughter, but hell he’s probably had them both.

  • CM Mark

    Can’t get much more over than screwing the bosses wife.

  • kenn

    If they recognize how hot Punk is they will keep the belt on him

  • E C DUB


    God i’m praying you’re right

  • venom

    Yea, they want HHH over as the boss, not the wrestler.

  • CC

    The point is, as Prince said, is to get him taken seriously in a non-wrestling capacity and instead as someone of equal power to Vince.
    Its easy to say he has replaced Vince, but now they have to prove it (hence the comment to Cena that its not Hunter, he is his boss).

    In my estimation though, its probably about getting them both over in their respective positions. HHH as the boss and Punk as the modern day rebel that Austin took before.

  • BlahH

    I was thinking the same thing

  • Prince

    Pretty sure they mean putting HHH over in Vince’s role as the new COO.

  • WHAT?

    putting TRIPLE H over?! Yeah, I mean….42yr old HHH really needs someone to give him a chance and to put him over…..sigh