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Backstage Notes From Raw Regarding Lawler’s Health Scare, WWE’s NYC History

– published a report clarifying rumors of WWE’s handling of Monday’s Raw show after broadcaster and wrestler Jerry Lawler suffered a heart attack while commentating.

According to a WWE employee backstage at the event, it was a very chaotic scene but he did not see any pray groups. Contrary to speculation, there was never any talk of halting the show.

WWE chief Vince McMahon was not at Lawler’s side during the entire ordeal, as reported. He briefly checked on the backstage commotion during a commercial break before resuming his producing duties at Gorilla Position. Rather, Paul “Triple H” Levesque directed orders backstage.

All of broadcaster Michael Cole’s on-air verbiage concerning Lawler was directed by McMahon word-for-word.

– WWE Hall of Famer Howard Finkel has written an article for profiling the rich relationship between WWE and New York City.

“As the global entity that WWE is today, many cities are visited by its Superstars and Divas. But there is still an aura about the biggest city in the world — New York City — that means something very special to WWE. And this “love affair” has been continuous for more than 50 years,” writes Finkel.

  • Matt

    “Hate to break it to you, but it really doesn’t seem to me that HBK is really THAT much of a “better man” for all his “religion” he found.”

    I think he found it in the bottom of a cereal box he was rummaging around in while he was on a come down one morning.

  • Devil_Rising

    @paul s

    Hate to break it to you, but it really doesn’t seem to me that HBK is really THAT much of a “better man” for all his “religion” he found.

  • paul s

    The prayers are support u dick of course medical staff save lives the prayers help yhe friends and families and when the kings recuperating him. Shawn michaels was addicted to drugs ans it emotionally destroyed him. His newfound beliefs helped him to become a better man, and a legend. Imnnot sayin god did it, but his prayer helped him to do it. Thats the point no matter what ur religion. Well, it should be.

  • Ricardo

    If I were a doctor, I would leave the “oh lets pray for him” idiots left to their prayers. Then we could see if it’s god or man that saves lives. Amazing how ungrateful people can be to our real heroes.

    Great work on behalf of the WWE medics team. They saved a man’s life with their quick response.

  • Cboz78

    Prayer didn’t help Lawler, the good and urgent medical team did.

  • Bill

    I’d really want to believe that Michael Cole made the call to stop commentary & that what he said was from his heart, but it wouldn’t surprise me if Vince McMahon was feeding him the lines, not that they didn’t care for Jerry, but still.

  • Stevie P

    I’d say McMahon was trying to keep the show going as it was still a live show. This wasn’t during Superstars or SMS. This was live and I assume he was trying to do the best he could to not make it about Lawler. I’m assuming he told Cole not to commentate out of respect for Lawler as Cole only says what McMahon tells him to. Call me a “McMahon Defender” but if you think he didn’t care is just stupid.

  • sam

    just because one guy says he never saw any pray groups doesnt mean there werent any

  • Matt

    yofits you should be banned

  • Jimbo


    Being herded like the sheep that they are.

  • Alan Wake

    Where is all the McMahon defenders now?