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Backstage Reaction at Last Night’s “Old School” RAW, Employees Want JR Back

– Not surprisingly, everybody in World Wrestling Entertainment wants Jim Ross to return, however the final decision obviously lies with Vince McMahon.

– Many wrestlers had a great time during last night’s show, especially those that grew up around the business. Many of the legends were also excited to meet third generation stars aswell, especially Michael McGillicutty (Joe Hennig) since everybody was very fond of his father, and it also gave them a chance to see people like Tamina and Husky who they saw growing up and are now performing. Not surprisingly, Nexus were said to be watching Piper’s promo intently and the biggest pop backstage came when Mae Young called Laycool sluts and bitches, even getting a laugh from Vince McMahon.


  • Jason

    I think that Michael Cole is the GM and when he is finally revealed he will resume GM duties and JR will be back announcing.

  • Paton

    for me I would like Cole/Striker/Matthews on SD and King and JR on RAW. quite a big fan of Matthews and Cole now

  • Ryan

    as much as michael cole is getting funnier every week on wwe tv i’d rather see a 3 man announce team of matt striker king and jr, Hell why not keep michael cole on wwe tv and just bring JR in for PPV im sure the PPV sales would go up a little bit with JR calling the action

  • Dom

    i reckon that cole should be gm he would be as annoying and hated so much which makes for a good heel gm

  • In Grind We Crust

    having JR would make RAW more enjoyable no matter how absurd the angle may be.

  • Truthiness

    I have to agree with Treg. Hearing JR’s voice on RAW felt right.

  • Treg

    It was sure nice hearing JR’s voice again.

  • Trixie

    Mae Young calling those idiots sluts and bitches was the funniest thing, I loved it.

  • jim

    Not surprisingly, everybody in World Wrestling Entertainment wants Jim Ross to return, however the final decision obviously lies with Vince McMahon.
    which in other words means vince will keep cole on there..the fans want JR back everyone wants JR that means vince will keep the lame announcer because he has to make sure raw sucks.

  • Stu

    Cole can be good like over on Smackdown with Mick he wasn’t bad but even the angle with Ross and King last night was dreadful. No offence to any who liked it but it seemed very childish like big brother comes back home from college and steals the spotlight w/ the wise cracks of his return. Creative trying to make him hateable is working trust me but its so ANNOYING and when we are talking more about Cole’s terrible work as a heal compared to anything else, thats a problem!

    LayCool bit was funny. Would have been funnier if she made a TBP rip off joke lol

  • damkat

    Yeah I am not a fan of cole neither, but on raw with Ross he actually made me laugh…As for May Young it was great to hear her go non PG and give it to Laycool…


    Props To Mae Young for putting the trash that is LayFools in their place and I wish WWE would fire that no good piece of garbage Michael Cole. I wish the Undertaker would tombstone the little bastard thru the announce table!

  • @damkat couldn’t agree more..i haven’t been a fan of coles heel character but last night the three of them were hilarious..i think it really worked.

  • damkat

    Jim Ross should return and they should have a three man team….Cole’s interaction with Ross was fantastic.

  • W-E

    yes, REALLY.

  • Shame Wrestling Edge is PG too…bitches and sluts…really? lol

  • Ronald

    Sluts and bitches… my two, new favorite PG words. :-p