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Backstage Reaction To Taryn Terrell’s TNA Wrestling Debut Last Week

Taryn Terrell, who appeared as Tiffany in WWE, made her TNA Wrestling debut last Thursday on Impact Wrestling being introduced by the Vice President of the Knockouts Division, Brooke Hogan, as the special guest referee for the Women’s Knockout Championship match between Madison Rayne and Miss Tessmacher. It will be Terrell’s role going forward as her bio states that she will be the referee for Knockouts Division matches.

Terrell, a former Playboy model, broke into the professional wrestling industry in 2007 through the Diva Search and rose her way through the WWE ranks over the ensuing years, culminating with the role of General Manager of ECW. She was married to WWE Superstar Drew McIntyre, but the couple divorced in May 2011. A fight between the couple following a party at the Playboy Mansion in August 2010 reportedly led to her contract release three months later and their tempestuous relationship is believed to be the prime reason McIntyre went from being tapped as a future WWE cornerstone to a non-entity relegated to WWE Superstars. Her reputation precedes her in some TNA circles. One male wrestler after another initially had no idea who she was Thursday, and when informed, immediately asked, “Wasn’t she the crazy one?,” followed by, “She’s still hot.”

Some members of TNA brass were reportedly “shocked” with the lack of crowd reaction to her introduction since most former WWE Superstars receive a rousing ovation from the Impact Wrestling Zone audience when they appear for the first time.

Many backstage feel that since Terrell’s refereeing experience is limited—she refereed a few matches in WWE and Florida Championship Wrestling—she did well being hastily thrust into the role. Senior official Earl Hebner gave her a crash course in reffing earlier in the day.


  • Tom… Just Tom

    HHHHMMMM… let’s see. What is the difference between Taryn and, say, Tara… or Mickie James…. or ANY of the male wrestlers who came to TNA???? They were known and established!! Taryn was barely on TV for a year, if that.

  • chronoxiong

    Did Earl Hebner get a kiss from her too? He seems to have an “iron clad contract” with TNA as seen with him being the in Knockouts matches.

  • Shane

    I genuinely don’t get why TNA have all these high hopes for her and thinking everybody would recognising who she was. Rather than hiring her, why not just use the money towards re signing Velvet Sky, someone they built up for years and knowing TNA, they are probably forking out more for Taryn Terrell than what they were paying Velvet Sky.

  • When Taryn Terrell debuted I honestly had no clue who she was. I imagine that the rest of the audience didn’t know, didn’t care either. The reason being that she just blended in with the other “cookie cutter” Diva’s on WWE programming. She was unremarkable in her role in WWE and did nothing memorable at all. It was an idiotic move for TNA to hire Taryn Terrell and expect a crowd reaction as Taryn Terrell was extremely mediocre (at best) during her time in Pro-Wrestling and thus completely unmemorable.

  • yofits

    Taryn Terrell’s breasts are hard as rocks and her nipples look weird.
    Go google her nudes & see for yourselves.

  • Paul E Not-so-Dangerously

    a “crash course” in reffing? Yo mean a BJ?