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Backstage Reaction to TNA’s Sacrifice PPV, News on Roode and the TNA World Title, More

– The feeling backstage after last night’s TNA Sacrifice pay-per-view was that it was one of TNA’s best pay-per-view events in a long time. It was also noted that neither Dixie Carter or Eric Bischoff was there. Dixie tweeted after the event:

“Great night! I am very proud of #TNASacrifice. Proud of the men and women that are TNA.”

– The belief is that Rob Van Dam wasn’t seriously injured in the Ladder Match against Bobby Roode but both men were hurting when the match was over.

– If Bobby Roode makes it through this set of TNA Impact Wrestling tapings, he will be the longest reigning champion in TNA history. AJ Styles currently holds the record with 211 days as champion. Sources indicate that Roode is scheduled to hold the title until James Storm returns.


  • cheesehandler

    anyone wanna take a guess as to why this was thought to be one of TNA’s best pay-per-view events in a long time? It was also noted that neither Dixie Carter or Eric Bischoff was there!!!!

  • ant

    @grizz..youre ignorant rvd is much better of a competitor than roode will EVERRR be

  • grizz

    I am glad TNA has decided to let Roode keep the title he deserves it. The only thing RVD gives 100+% to is his pot smoking.

  • ant

    @tom c…i said the same thing and like 8 people disliked my comment but i also would like to see anderson get back the title and have a decent run as champ in the future

  • TomC

    I suppose letting Roode hold the title longer isn’t such a bad thing. He’s doing a great job as a heel – and, after all, I suppose we can’t ALWAYS have the “good guys” holding all the titles.

    Still, I WOULD have liked to see the strap back with RVD. The guy is obviously a huge fan favorite and – from what I see, anyway – gives 100+% every time he’s out there. In my opinion, he deserves a decent title reign recognition for a bit.

  • poko

    It was a very good PVP. Best production I’ve seen from TNA in a couple of years. Pretty much everything was solid, with two excellent matches. Roode and RVD really left everything out there.

    Honestly, I don’t know how RVD was NOT seriously injured. The way his knee twisted looked really bad, and his head smacked that chair hard. He’s damned tough. They went through hell with that ladder match.

    I didn’t think about it until later, but there wasn’t a peep out of Hogan or a Bischoff, and the event was more focused because of it.

  • ant

    good job tna the ppv was actually pretty decent i cant complain at all probably would give it a 7/10