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Backstage Reaction to The Rock’s Promo on RAW Last Night

– All the monitors backstage at RAW last night were understandably in use for the Rock’s promo. It was noted that this was a special moment for the Rock considering a lot of the wrestlers backstage were not old enough to have been in WWE when he was a regular.

It was also reported that the building was absolutely shaking during the Rock’s promo.

– The first two people on the Khali Kiss Kam last night were Porn star Allie Haze and her boyfriend.

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  • WB

    Why do porn stars need boyfriends?

  • nnla

    Also I bet TNA wrestlers were watching from where ever they were. That’s how big last night was for the WWE

  • nnla

    I had goose bumps from the time his music hit to the time it went off the air. Great night, made me feel like a kid again just remembering all the event’s I went to when I lived in Dallas in the 90s and got to see the rock live. Great job on the return WWE, now fix the rest of your program and you’ll be top dog with no questions asked.

  • Tom… Just Tom

    @ Devil… I couldn’t agree with you more!!

    As far as the porn star at the show, probably a coincidence.

  • Devil_Rising

    Backstage reaction to the Rock returning? “Damn, so THIS is what John Cena and HHH have never and WILL never be capable of!!”

  • david said so

    lol wow next time have jenna on

  • k91xxx

    porn star haha pg my a$$ good job wwe !!!

  • yikes

    wwe is finally out of pg era..with the rock cursing (which i dont mind) then promoting p*rn stars great for the kids 🙂