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Backstage Survivor Series News, WWE Diva Out with Injury, Kelly

– Former WWE Diva Kelly Kelly is now a brunette. She shared the following photo on her Twitter:

kelly kelly brunette

– WWE Diva Tamina Snuka is out of action with some kind of injury, possibly to her back. She hasn’t been traveling with the WWE crews and hasn’t wrestled since the August 20th RAW in the #1 contender’s battle royal that was won by Kaitlyn.

– We noted before that at least one 5 vs. 5 traditional elimination match is scheduled for November’s WWE Survivor Series pay-per-view. PWInsider reports that there was a pitch recently to do the entire Survivor Series card with elimination matches but the idea was reportedly shot down.

  • SYM

    Great news, title won’t be defended.

  • Devil_Rising

    Gee, that sure were would TERRIBLE for them to have a Survivor Series PPV where many of the matches were……get this, SURVIVOR SERIES matches.

  • Bill

    Imagine another Deadly Game tournament at Survivor Series 2012…

  • art

    Kelly looks older then her actual surprised…

  • Ducky

    I never thought kelly was as preatty as everyone says I prefer Eve but damn if she looks good that way!! Good for Kelly

  • Little Jimmy

    Ah shucky Ducky QUACK QUACK! She looks alot better as a brunette.

  • tony belfast

    screw survivor series, bring back the king of the ring ppv,,,miss that show

  • Ricardo

    @David “Ranter: CM Punk has defended the title 16 times in 2012. Only 3 of those were against Cena, and only 2 were 1 on 1 matches – none of which ended in a clear victory. That’s 12.5% of his title defenses, no “like half the matches”. You should fact-check before you vomit uninformed, ignorant opinions.

    So everyone should quit bitching about “oh Cena always fights for the title”. That is simply a lie – and this is not my opinion, it’s a fact.

    Meanwhile Punk has been champion for 330 days, and no one in the IWC complains that he’s monopolizing the belt. If it were the other way around, no one would complain that “Punk is always in the tile scene”. Hypocrisy at its best.

  • David “Ranter”

    You know Cena will fight him at atleast one of the next two before The Rock match next year. He didn’t get the HIAC match and he will get his rematch still whether I like it,you like it or anybody with a brain likes it since he’s John Cena. He has fought Punk in like half the matches for the title but its still going to happen. Survivor Series isn’t going to have but 2 5 vs 5 matches if you are lucky most likely. They are doing Hell In A Cell & Tables Ladders Chairs but all the matches at the PPV aren’t the name of the PPV just like Elimination chamber got named that but yet they only have 2 matches of it. This isn’t changing anytime soon and if you think it is then you are sadly mistaken.

  • the v

    The whole card should be elimination matches, or else whats the point? Id be damnec if i see another punk vs cena match at survivor series.
    If batista returns, id love to see him feud with ryback

  • Hasan

    Did she really think they would catch her as the blonde who attacked Kaitlyn? ZING

  • Stumpy

    First of all, K2 looks good as a brunette (at least in that picture).

    Second, the Big E is being stupid with the Survivor Series. I have thought that for years. In its inception, it was billed as a ppv with 5 on 5 survivor style tag matches. It was two main eventers heading up their own team with 4 other faces and 4 other heels. When I watched it, it was usually about 5 or 6 matches.Somewhere along the line, they screwed it all up by leaving that concept. Now they have a chance to go back to it and decide to scrap the idea? IMO, very stupid on their part.