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Backstage Talk on Batista Possibly Being Done with WWE and His Future as a Hollywood Star

– There are several people within WWE who feel that as Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy sees more success, it becomes more likely that we won’t see Batista return to WWE as a full-time performer ever again.

When Batista left a few months ago, there was a belief that he would be back to continue his storyline once the media and appearances for Guardians was over but some are under the impression that it may not happen. Batista’s future with the company was a hot topic backstage at this weekend’s WWE live events.

There’s also the risk of Batista getting injured now that his film career will be taking off. It’s almost guaranteed that Batista will receive a lot more offers for movies because of his role in a blockbuster hit like Guardians. Batista is no longer seen as a guy who acts in indie movies and studios will be hesitant to cast him in movies if he’s performing in a wrestling ring.

Source: PWInsider

  • jedi

    In the immortal words of DDP: & that would be a good thing!!! Stay away!

  • Hasan

    It’s just one movie and he’s already being arrogant about it jeez.